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CREATOR & PIONEER wibit CONTENT 4 Founded in 1996 by two friends Robert Cirjak and Romann Rademacher, Wibit is the creator of the inflatable water park industry. The German company has revolutionized play on the water over the years with its team constantly working on new creations. Inspired by a passion for sports, the portfolio has transformed over the years from single trampolines to entire Sports Parks! Cf FUN CONTENT The Wibit System 5 Route Finder 7 Standard Combinations 9 EXTRAS 21 New Products 29 WibitTAG 33 Wibit for Cable Parks 37 Individual Solutions 39 Specifications 41 water...

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Proven winner In our standard combinations we combine our most popular modules to make your Sports Park diversified and successful. With a deep passion for sports, we constantly look for new fun products to challenge your guests. Infinity Loops The infinite loop configuration of Wibit*s open water combinations allows endless routes of fun. This unique shape makes our Sports Parks so popular, as never ending paths prevent bottlenecks and always offer a direction to take.

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The Roundabout marKs the transition area between di-RRerent levels Route Finder Easy products to simply run over or relax on make level 1 suitable for beginners. Some skills are needed for this level which offers great jumping modules. Experienced users know how to climb and run this obstacle route. Level 4 is a real challenge, containing the highest and most skill requiring products. All Wibit standard combinations are designed to offer routes with different challenge levels. Every visitor, may it be a first timer or a constant user, can easily find and test his skill level. ROUTE FINDER

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Another Sports Park revolution generated this ultimate island of fun for everyone. Offering four different routes of diverse challenge levels, the Sports Park XL is the ultimate water park showpiece.

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This large combination has endless routes of fun with all kinds of obstacles. From flat to high, for beginners and experts-the aquatic playground has a level for everyone.

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Sports Park M Infinite paths can be taken within the Sports Park M. All guests will be entertained by products of different challenge levels. The result will be the same for all: happy faces! Beginners welcome! Level 1 has small obstacles that are easy to cross. level Z is perfect for Wibit users. Run. on the included o Looking for thrill? Level 3 is suitable for Wibit experts that love an athletic challenge!

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Sports Park S The smallest Sports Park is an infinite loop of fun for a lower capacity of users. The fun will never end! Keep it easy and relaxed in level 1 with flat and simple fun products.

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Specially designed for the youngest fun-seekers, the KidsZone can be positioned in low water depth and allows parents to walk their child along the obstacle course,

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EXTRAS INCLUDED" EXTRAS 22 With Wibit you get more! We want our customers to get an exclusive extra value that leads to long-term profitability. With 20 years of experience in the water sports business, we are the experts on installation, operation and maintenance of aquatic playgrounds. With the right equipment and service we will pass this knowledge over to you to ensure the best possible performance and revenue with your Sports Park!

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With many important details to be considered, proper installation is vital to the sustained performance of your new Sports Park. With our installation service you will have peace of mind during the whole process and can focus on other business preparations. only stainless steel parts 23 I the evolution of waterplay

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OPERATIONAL We will set you up with everything needed for a professional and complete appearance and show you how to do it right! From the price list and daily procedures to advertising and communication, we will give you the best advice.

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MAINTENANCE Get the most out of your investment over a long period of time! Taking good care of your Sports Park will increase the lifespan of the products. Allow Wibit experts to teach you how to maintain the quality and appearance of your products at your location.

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How high can you jump? This gigantic springboard offers unlimited heights to jump from. The innovative S£mi circle step makes walking up simple and easy-No handles required! Choose your own.. preferred height inwards or outwards!

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Catch me if you can! This round wheel is a balancing act and a great race course for playing tag. Run over the spokes or create a swim and dive challenge going over and under the obstacles. Perfect for shallow water! Run around the corner! The Turn allows you to connect four products simultaneously. Bring action to the inside of your Sports Park by e.g. connecting a RodeoSlide or Slope!

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get your logo or water I II)!1 I/M

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With WibitTAG we can build any letter, number, shape or symbols Letters have never been so much fun. This unique concept is the vyotld's first floating sign people can actually play on location identity WrCome. cf ’6idewalK ‘ : Patented V/- and W-Connects have been designed to keep the letters in position and allow for adequate anchoring. The Sidewalk provides the neccessary Stability for each word and entrance to each letter.

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Complement your cable park with a customized floating playground. Attract guests of all ages and keep them entertained with a variety of activities to make your location even more profitable. more activities AquaPark Xantener Sudsee Xanten, Germany

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The interlocking modularity of the Wibit system offers endless possibilities. Depending on your location parameters, budget and favorites, we will create the perfect combination for you.

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SPORTS PARK Item No. We offer several EXTRAS in the form of equipment and service that will help you get the most out of your investment. Let us calculate your EXTRAS value based on your product purchase and recommend the most suitable EXTRAS for your Sports Park. EQUIPMENT • Lifting bags • Shackles • Anchor rope • Anchor chain • Tool box EQUIPMENT • PVC cleaner • Pressure washer q O • Repair kits I I AJ Standard Combination GEAR •T-Shirts • Hoodies • Shorts • Caps • Beach towels TRAINING • Cleaning • Inspection BUOYANCY AIDS * 3 years for all Wibit inflatables • Sales according to our...

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