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CREATOR 8i PIO Founded in 1996 by two friends Robert Cirjak and Romann Rademacher, Wibit is the market leader of floating water sports products. The German company has revolutionized play on the water over the years with its team constantly working on new creations. Inspired by a passion for sports, the portfolio has transformed over the years from standalone products to a modular configuration system suitable for any pool! wibit the olution of waterplay or fun CONTENT The Wibit System 3 Standard Combinations 5 New Products 13 Standalone Products 15 Individual Solutions 17 Why Wibit...

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The Funnel Apart from the most obvious parameters such as pool size, water depth and capacity, we understand which additional criteria are relevant to find the right Wibit combination for you. CHOOSE YOUR PARAMETERS capacity Modularity Wibit's interlocking fun products can be connected in multiple combinations to create an individual solution for every pool.

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The products of the FastTrack are suitable for a shallow water depth. They build the perfect course for individual races or group contests. Extend the number of Wiggle Discs to make the FastTrack fit the length of your pool. STANDARD COMBINATIONS

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Designed to fit a small budget and size, the AquaDuel will add excitement and competition to your pool.

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A Wibit all-time classic-this is the ultimate track for standard pools. Running, climbing, jumping and sliding require different skills that make this a diversified obstacle course for everyone.

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The ProTrack is a must have for large pools! The different skills that are required to master this course are proven to bring the most fun. Make your customers happy!

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Catch me if you can! This round wheel is a balancing act and a great race course for playing tag Run over the spokes or create a swim and dive challenge going over and under the obstacles. Perfect for shallow pools! The pool booms enable a horizontal anchoring method to a pool edge. Especially convenient for high products. The thick foam protects against sliding or jumping. German TUV certified and approved.

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Walking on the water? Yes, that is possible - but it requires quick feet and good balance skills! The Wiggle Discs come in packs of three to extend the challenge. RodeoSplash Three, two, one, SPLASH! Ride the tubes or slide down in between for the ultimate cooling-down experience. The Wibit Hand on the waterl Climb onto the huge hand and jump from finger to finger or right into the cool water.

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The interlocking modularity of the Wibit system offers endless possibilities. Depending on your location parameters, budget and favorites,] we will create the perfect combination for you. custom logo;"; YOU& WISIT;

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INSTALLATION & SAFETY Regardless of your pool size, Wibit makes installation easy, Due to the modularity of the products, inflation, connection and anchoring are simple and quick, Safety is our top priority. Wibit uses the best materials and state-of-the-art techniques that comply with the strictest safety regulations recognized the world over.

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& wibit the evolutior of waterplay ao ■ ■••••a (Mi ■■■■ ■ • a WIBIT CONTACT Wibit Sports GmbH Am Gut Baarking 15 46395 Bocholt, Germany ■§gg|» Montreal Olympic Pod P +49 (0)287123820-0 F +49 (0) 2871 23820-10 info@ wibi ts ports, com (tf) Y«h« @ 90221 * All rights reserved €> Wibit Sports GmbH 2018 The content of this document particularly text photographs and drawings, is protected by copyright

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