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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 1

We are passionate about delivering quality, innovation and service Marine Leading Freshwater, Bilge and Waste Systems

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 2

Freshwater Index Company Overview 3-9 Washdown/Plumbing Electric Galley Pumps Saltwater Washdown 80-82 Pump and trigger kits NEW Electric Bilge Pumps Supersub Smart 12-13 Universal Accumulator Kit 14-15 48-49 16-17 50-51 Expansion tank and pressure pump range Submersible Prewired remote pump kit with intelligent control Grey Waste Electric Grey Waste Pumps 54-55 NEW Grey IC Impeller pump range Inline booster 90-91 Intelligent control kit for multiple drains Manual Galley Pumps For use with a separate bilge switch) NEW Gulper 320 (Hand operated pumps) 22-23 V pump 56 57 Gulper 220...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 3

A contagious enthusiasm for innovation ‘Whale has led the way for many decades with ground breaking pump and water system designs through to recent innovation leaps in electronically controlled systems. Our forward thinking approach is driven by dedicated people who exude a passion for delivering the best possible product and service for customers’. Patrick Hurst, Managing Director Inside Whale Whale® is a well - known brand with a reputation built on decades of high quality design expertise. Today, we supply marine customers around the world with innovative freshwater, bilge and waste pump...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 4

WHALE SUPPORT Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and installation advice. Just call or email to speak to one of our technical advisors Whale - Support tel: +44 (0)28 9127 0531 fax: +44 (0)28 9146 6421 Whale - Support (The Americas) tel: +1 802 367 1091 fax: +1 802 367 1095 Worldwide Distribution Network Ensures that where Whale® products and spares are needed, they are available. See pages 124 for your nearest official Whale distributor. Boat Builder Partnerships ‘Our team includes highly...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 5

QUALITY Proud to manufacture in the UK. Our production team combine the latest technology with best in class lab testing ‘Quality is central at everything we do at Whale. We continually evaluate our systems to drive improvement in design, build product and service quality. We endeavour to exceed customer expectations by implementing best practices, relevant ISO standards, and EFQM business excellence model to drive continuous improvement in all areas of our business.’ ‘In recognition of our strive of excellence the company was presented with the NI Quality Award in January 2011.’ Billy...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 6

Innovation Quality Service From its origins in 1810, Whale has a heritage of product quality and customer orientation. Our team has led the way in water and waste management on board for more than 60 years Whale Proud Heritage A Reputation for Reliability In 2010, Whale celebrated 200 years since our foundation. Since the 1940's we have been developing bilge, freshwater and wastewater products known for their quality and innovation. This tradition proudly continues today with our latest products. System Solutions • • • • • • • Bilge Fresh Washdown Quick Connect Plumbing Grey Waste Black...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 7

From the foundations of bilge pump design During the 30s and 40s, Whale developed a range of high quality marine brass pumps fitted in naval and fishing fleets, and then into leisure marine applications in the 70s and 80s. Offering support for the long haul This brass range was manufactured through to the 1980s. Despite being out of production for more than 20 years, Whale continue to support the range with service and reconditioning for several models. For more information contact Whale Support. Whale Support UK USA tel: +44 (0)28 9127 0531 fax: +44 (0)28 9146 6421

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 8

Award winning designs, Whale’s proven pioneering technology has led the way for decades Whale IC Innovative Future Latest technology Innovative electronic circuitry lies at the heart of every Whale IC pump system Simple, fast installation Longer system life Whale’s best boater experience ever Expertise in Electronics See lastest IC Products see pages: 12-17, 46-47 and 90-93

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 9

Award winning product design There are heroes of innovation in all areas of our business from product manufacturing to design through to customer service. Our award winning product designs are the result. Through the decades, Whale® has pioneered a stream of innovation from the early brass pumps to the market leading Gusher® manual bilge pumps and Gulper® electric waste pumps. In the last five years,Whale’s new products such as Twist deck shower and Supersub Smart electric bilge pumps and Intelligent Control range have all been recognized by the marine industry innovation awards. Over the...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 11

Whale - Electric Bilge Pump Range From the Experts in Bilge Pumps experience in electronics Leaders in bilge pumps for more than 60 years • Award winning new automatic pumps • Narrow low profile pumps ideal solutions ideal for confined bilges • Latest intelligent control technology Automatic Electric Bilge Pump Range No separate electric bilge switch needed • Whale Supersub Smart - Narrow low profile automatic submersible pumps - Page 12-13 • NEW Orca Auto - Compact, powerful and automatic high capacity submersible pump - Page 14-15 • NEW Bilge IC - Remote mount complete automatic system -...

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Whale Marine Brochure (English) - 12

Electric Bilge Pumps Supersub Smart Family Low profile automatic bilge pumps sense bilge water level and switch on and off automatically Fit deep down in confined bilge areas, under engines or cockpit floors 650 NEW NEW 1100 Widest Range Ever Built in non-return value (in 1100 models only) Rotates to suit your installation Electric Field Sensor Technology Integrated bleed ball - prevents airlocks Easy Clean Unique strainer Efficient performance strainer design Product code: see table Straight forward installation Multi position pump head and body • Sailing Today – Premium Product Award...

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