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12 V Water Heater Datasheet - 2 Pages

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12 V Water Heater Datasheet

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Unique 12V Electric Water Heater HEAT Whale 12 V Water Heater Hot Water On the Go For Outboard Boats Whale’s unique 12 V Water Heater ideal for use on outboard boats. With 3 US Gal capacity the heater delivers fast water heat up and long heat retention for all your hot water needs on board Heat Up Time Heat Retention MAGNESIUM ANODE AND DRAIN VALVE COMBO INCLUDED FOR LONGER TANK LIFE From 140⁰ F / 60⁰ C - 104⁰ F / 40⁰ C 10 hours, 8 minutes* Control - Relay allows low current switching at helm Safety First - Temperature and Pressure valve Robust - White Epoxy Coated Aluminum Temperature Control - 140ºF Thermostat Efficient - Maintains hot water for 10 hours Long Life - Drain Valve and Magnesium Anodes Performance - Efficient 300W element for hot water in less than 60 minutes Connectability - Compatible with Whale Quick Connect Plumbing Secure Installation - Tank welded mounting brackets Under Deck Under Seating *Based on Whale in-house laboratory testing 2014 Typical Installation

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WATER HEATERS Features and Benefits • 12V Power Supply - No generator / inverter/ shore power required • Rapid Heat Up - Hot water in less than 1 hour COMPLETE YOUR SYSTEM • Ideal For Use With Deck Showers - Perfect for warming wetsuits Freshwater system accessories such as water filters, and pipework connections – page 76-77 • Safety Features - Low current switching - Integrated temperature and pressure valve - Thermal cut-out - Heating Indication output - Ignition protected (ABYC E-11) YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pumps – page 54 Whale Quick Connect plumbing -...

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