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HT6 Marine Amplifier

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HT-6 900 Watt 6 Channel Class D amplifier OWNER’S MANUAL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wet Sounds HT-6 Owner’s Manua

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Congratulations! Thank you for purchasing the Wet Sounds Hydro-TechTM series amplifier. Wet Sounds represents the ultimate in high performance Marine Audio. Wet Sounds™ Hydro-Tech™ Series Marine Amplifiers are designed to be a complete solution for every type of extreme marine application. The Hydro-TechTM amplifiers use superior performance circuitry by utilizing Class D Power Supplies. These amplifiers have extreme power output packed inside a small chassis, thermal overload protection, flexible crossovers, optional elevated feet, extended inputs. Hydro-Tech™ amplifiers are a well...

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Running the Wiring Cables **Always keep the signal cable and the power cables separated to prevent the possibility of inducing noise into the system** Carefully run the power and the signal cables through the boat. Always keep all the wire tight and tied down to prevent the power wire from shorting and reduce the risk of fire. A 4 AWG or larger wire should be used for power and ground connections. We recommend a fuse to be installed on the power wire within 18 inches of the battery for safety. We recommend a 60 amp fuse. Amplifier Connections **Make sure that the +12 volt cable is NOT...

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Remote Connection This amplifier is designed to accept a 12 AWG - 16 AWG wire input on the terminal block for speaker outputs 1 and 2. (Diagram A). The Remote Turn-on is how the amplifier knows when to turn on and off. This is typically connected to the remote output wire on an aftermarket radio. When connecting this amplifier to a factory radio, you will need to find a 12 volt accessory wire that Amplifier Signal Inputs The HT-6 has extended RCA inputs. (See below) Connect the RCA outputs from the source unit into the inputs of the amplifier. The HT-6 has 3 pair of inputs, (CH 1,2,3,4,5 &...

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There are 2 different input selection buttons. The first is to designate 2 or 4 channel input. You can select 2 channel input when only using 1 set of RCA inputs to allow all 4 channels to have output (CH 1,2,3, & 4). The next is to turn on or off the inputs for channels 5 & 6.(See below) Ch 5 & 6 can be carried over from inputs 1 & 2 when in Off mode, or a separate set of RCA cables can be used in **note if you only use the amplifier in 2 channel input mode you will not have fading capabilities between front INPUT CHWB Speaker Terminal Inputs The HT-6 utilizes removable speaker terminal...

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Gain Control 1-2 – This is the input sensitivity gain control for channels 1 & 2. Crossover Switch 1-2 - The HPF attenuates low frequencies and is used with mid-range speakers and tweeters. LPF attenuates high frequencies and is used for subwoofers. Full does not attenuate any frequencies and is for full range speaker systems. This controls channels 1 & 2 Variable Crossover 1-2 – Built in 12db filter with crossover frequencies between 50Hz – 250Hz. Bass Boost Control 1-2 – This is a variable boost for the low frequencies to which the amplifier is set at on the crossover. Gain Control 3-4 –...

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Speaker Terminal Output Block 5-6 – This is the speaker connecting block for channels 5 & 6. Speaker Terminal Output Block 3-4 – This is the speaker connecting block for channels 3 & 4. Speaker Terminal Output Block 1-2 – This is the speaker connecting block for channels 1 & 2. Remote Turn On—This terminal turns on the amplifier when (+) 12 volt is applied to it. Connect it to the Remote Turn on lead of the head unit or signal source. Fuses—The fuses protect the amplifier against internal electrical damage and are meant to protect the amplifier only. All other power connections should be...

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Input Selection Because of the wide range of head unit/radio output configurations all Wet Sounds™ amplifiers have an adjustable input sensitivity or “GAIN”. The gain is NOT a volume or a power limiting control similar to a throttle. It makes the amplifier more sensitive to input from the stereo. When the gain is turned up the amplifier will reach full output at lower volume levels on the head unit/radio. Also when the gain is set too high the amplifier becomes much more sensitive to noise from your boats electrical system. Adjusting the Gain You will need a small flat head screwdriver and...

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Bass Boost This amplifier is equipped with a variable bass boost for 0db to 18db of signal boost which will increase the signal output @ 45 Hz.. (See below) Troubleshooting If you are experiencing problems with your amplifier after installation follow these procedures to try and remedy the problem. 1. Check your fuse and replace if necessary. 2. Confirm your Ground wire has a good connection. 3. Make sure your remote wire and power wire has +12 Volts. 4. Make sure your battery has 12 volts. 5. Confirm that the amplifier l.e.d. color is blue. If the light is red than the amplifier is in...

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Sample System Setups Optional Optional 4 Ohm Speaker 'J^gJ? ^^Jr ^C*^r 4 Ohm Speaker

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wet Sounds HT-6 Owner’s Manual

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wet Sounds HT-6 Owner’s Manual

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■Wet Sounds HT-6 Owner's Man

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Limited Warranty Length and limits of Warranty Wet Sounds warrants this product to be free of defects in material or workmanship for (2) years from the date of purchase. Wet Sounds warranty applies exclusively to the original purchaser, not transferable and the amplifier must be purchased from an Authorized Wet Sounds Retailer within the United States. All products purchased outside of the United States are covered by the Authorized Distributor or OEM supplier. Any and all warranties not to exclude merchantability or fitness are limited in the duration to 1 year. This warranty gives you...

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