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CATALOG 2011 - 2

Wenonah Canoe is a small, independent, family-owned company that has become an award-winning designer and manu- facturer of high performance canoes and kayaks, sold and paddled around the world. We are a different kind of company. In a world dominated by giant manufacturers, we measure our success by the success of our dealers Our mission has always been to fit people into the best boats for their chosen use. In this, we reflect the values and the passion of our founder Mike Cichanowski. Mike grew up in Winona, Minnesota, where he inherited the ethics and values of his ancestors —...

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CATALOG 2011 - 3

flD(§Ì) CANOE - Designed and built by founder Mike Cichanowski, this is the boat that started it all. New for 2011 we introduce the 17 Wenonah, this historic design in our contemporary composite layups. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of open boat history! "Like" Wenonah Canoe on facebook for your CHANCE TO WIN serial #001 Kevlar Ultra-light 17 Wenonah! Drawing held May 1,2011. Learn more on our website and facebook page. has made significant contributions to composites technology as well and manufacturing processes. Hard-working, innovative craftsmen have made us the world-class...

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CATALOG 2011 - 4

We offer more than 30 canoe models, most of which can be fabricated in several different materials. How do you choose the right canoe for you? Follow these steps to help narrow down the decision and ensure you'll find your perfect canoe. II First, try to narrow your search of boats. To do this, consider your priorities. How and where do you plan on using this canoe? What type of water are you going to paddle? How much gear are you likely to take along? How skilled are the paddlers? Find a category that best matches your basic needs: General Touring Designed to do many things well, they are...

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CATALOG 2011 - 5

Start here with the How" you'll be using your canoe. Decide on the right Good on all waters, it'll hold plenty of gear - Wilderness General Touring Champlain - A large, stable boat that will hold a ton of gea If you want a canoe that anyone Our most efficient and reliable solo - Prism everything..Ttart here with'all 17 Wenonah - A general use boat with a classic look around great canoes that'll do it A short, super stable, great all arounder - Vagabond Go alone or with a friend - Solo Pli A canoe's capacity, a kayak's amenities snities - Canak Straight tracking and quick, it'll hold a load...

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CATALOG 2011 - 6

Acanoe's performance is built into its design.The dimensions and shape of the hull above and below the water line, and other variables, determine how efficient, stable, roomy, maneuverable, and seaworthy that canoe is. Of the close to 30 models of canoes in this catalog, no two perform the same. A sports canoe that's stable and easy to paddle will have a different length, width, rocker and streamlining than a performance canoe designed to go fast and glide far. Even within the same category of canoes, subtle differences in design will change their performance. CROSS SECTIONS SHAPE...

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CATALOG 2011 - 7

A flared hull widens resists capsize. and lets the paddler paddle close to the Both flare and tumblehome may be built into different parts of the same hull. Composites are the only practical material for this purpose, and even then the hull needs stout, wooden gunwales to help hold the complex shapes that combine tumblehome and flare (see the Itasca on page 34 for an example). Rocker describes the way some hulls curve up at the ends, like a rocking chair. Rocker plays part in a canoe's maneuverability. Longer canoes with some rocker will maneuver like much shorter canoes. Canoes with a lot...

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CATALOG 2011 - 8

COMPOSITE CANOES The term "composite" simply means combining fibers together with resin. In composite canoes, various woven fabrics are hand shaped in a mold and bonded together with resins. Any combination of fibers and resin is a composite, but there are a wide variety of materials and methods. All Wenonah Canoes are manufactured using a vacuum bagging process to ensure the ideal resin to fabric ratio. Many hours of skilled labor are required to make a great composite canoe.This, plus the cost of high-end materials make them fairly expensive, but their lightness, toughness, and...

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CATALOG 2011 - 9

Flex-core construction creates a more rugged canoe than our Ultra-light core, and is meant for general paddling In our Flex-core constructions a structural-foam core is laminated into the hull, orienting the composite fibers carefully to distribute loads. We add an extra fabric layer to the whole hull. This adds a bit of weight but makes for a stronger, more ridged canoe. Side ribs are not needed because this layup distributes more material throughout the hull. The result is a tough canoe that is still fairly lightweight. COLOR OPTIONS We offer 8 colors of gel-coat finish for the exterior...

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CATALOG 2011 - 10

You've never seen metal move quite like this! By "this" we're referring to Barracuda™ - new aluminized glass fabric. Barracuda™ boasts the look of metal with the functionality of traditional high performance composite fabrics. A marriage of style and function, this classy layup is a great combination of aesthetic appeal, weight, and strength. of Barracuda™ is achieved through a unique finishing process designed specifically for composite applications. When combined with the proper resin, our canoes made from Barracuda™ emulate the silver sheen of 3-D steel. But a good looking exterior is...

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CATALOG 2011 - 11

The Royalex team stretches a heated sheet of Royalex material over the mold table. Scott removes the mold from a formed Royalex hull. Royalex® canoes are manufactured from multi-laminate sheets, painstakingly designed specifically for each model. All include a closed-cell, rigid foam core providing structure and buoyancy. Interior Colored Skin Interior colored skin ROYALEX® CANOE COLORS We offer 4 exterior colors with tan or gray interiors. Olive exteriors will have olive interiors. Not all models are available in all colors. See individual model descriptions for Royalex color options. Red...

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