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eather nstruments eather nstruments stay the course with instruments that last a lifetime weems & plath © 2014 www.weems-plath.com 214 Eastern Avenue Annapolis, md 21403 410.263.6700 | 800.638.0428

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THE WEEMS & ^LATH^TORY , Over 86 Years of Innovation and Qualim Capt. Philip Van Horn Weems In May of 1919, eight years before Lindbergh's famous solo flight, three small planes set out from Newfoundland headed for London in an attempt to make the first trans-Atlantic flight. Only one of them made it. Twenty-five hundred feet below on board a station tracking ship, a young navigator, Lt. Cdr. Philip Van Horn Weems, US Navy, gazed up and thought there must be a safer and simpler way than using a small armada of ships For centuries, man had relied on the heavens, on the circling planets and...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 3

cDear Qustomer, At Weems and Plath, we continue to take great pride in providing you with time-tested nautical instruments for safe and enjoyable boating. In the 86 years since our founding, innovation has become tradition as our products become mainstaysfor you on your voyages. As always, your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer lifetime warranties on almost every item and welcome your comments and suggestions. Always a hand's width of water under your keel, ■'Peter Trogdon SHOWROOM & OFFICE: HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY Weems & Plath offers two product warranties. The majority of our...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 4

MANUFACTURER OF TIME-TESTED PRODUCTS FOR SAFE AND ENJOYABLE BOATING SINCE 1928 (DIVIDERS & COMPASSES • Classic design - can be opened and closed with one hand while performing chart work • Handle is brass and polished stainless steel tips • Made with brass arms and polished stainless steel tips • Adjustable tension • Hand-sharpened points • 6" equal spacing divider • Manufactured from highest quality stainless steel • Eleven numbered points allow easy conversion of distances • Excellent tool for interpolating calculating equal divisions of • Also used by draftsmen and available - call for...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 5

• Unique center adjustment mechanism allows quick precise one-hand operation • Replace stainless steel point with lead to • Constructed of coated marine alloy to resist corrosion • Spare point, knob and lead provided 7231 Spare Leads for Dividers (2 per box) 7291 Spare Leads for Dividers (15 per box) points Spare points for dividers by Anthony K Brown, inventor • Contains both dividerand compass made from polyamide/glass fiber composite • Protective vinyl case • Spare leads included • Unique ergonomic design facilitates one- handed operation • Made from polyamide/glass fiber composite •...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 6

PLOTTING TOOLS • Built to take rigorous use aboard commercial and blue water vessels • Provides one of the easiest methods for plotting courses • Patented four-way rolling motion • 1-1/4" magnifying lens for enhancing chart data • Easy to follow instructions • Packaged in protective, durable vinyl pouch • Precise vertical and horizontal rolling motion simplifies plotting course • Adjustable radial arm allows automatic compass corrections in course plotting • Roller body with protractor markings and nautical mile scale • Radial arm has interpolator scales and 200 • When radial arm and body...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 8

15" Brushed Aluminum Arms 15" Brass Arms Parallel Rule 142 15" Value Parallel Rule 145 • Marine aluminum arms and handles 12" Brushed Aluminum Arms 7" Compact Paralock Plotter 90 • Well suited for use on modern small chart- • All the features of standard parallel rule but fits in pocket and is easier to use • Also functions as GPS plotter • Rigid chrome arms 214 Eastern Avenue • Annapolis, MD 21403 | www.weems-plath.com | sales@weems-plath.com | 1.800.638.0428

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 9

Universal Plotting Sheets 5910 • Also known as VP-OS sheets • Graduated circle printed at center allows meridians of longitude to be constructed for any latitude, creating custom-made chart • Pressure sensitive compass rose can be applied directly to charts when printed rose • Can be oriented to either true or magnetic north for handy reference Nautical Slide Rule 105 • Immediate solution to all speed-time- distance problems • Equally applicable for nautical or statute • Speed in knots or m.p.h., time in hours, minutes or seconds; distance in nautical or statute miles (or yards if desired,...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 10

• Five popular items used by the US Coast Guard in one convenient kit stored in a plastic pouch One #176 Ultralight Divider/Compass, one #7291 Spare Leads for Ultralight Divider/Compass, one # 120 Weems Parallel Plotter, one # 105 Nautical Slide Rule, one #113 Course & Leg Identifier and instructions Weems & Plath* Basic Navigation Set 317 One #255 Weems Protractor, one # 145-15" Parallel Rule, one pair of #262 6" Matte Nickel Dividers with fixed points, one #2 pencil, one pencil sharpener and instructions in a plastic pouch One Ultralight Divider # 176, one USPS Plotter #556, plus the USPS...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 11

Professional Mariner's • Weems Parallel Plotter #120 • Professional Brass Pencil Compass #1049 • Chart Correction Template #9998 • Made from Tough Duck, a PVC backed polyester duck fabric, for strength and durability • Strong hanging grommets that are gusseted and reinforced allow for easy hanging in any • Designed with input from US military and built to meet demands of everyday use on patrol vessels • Roll it, fold it or hang it, the NaviTote will keep your Weems & Plath® navigation tools in good order WRITING ZAIDS • 0.7 mm lead (HB or No. 2 hardness) is a special blend of polymers that...

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Weems and Plath General Catalog - 12

^NAVIGATION QAIDS DESIGNED TO PREVENT COLLISIONS AT SEA Nmogndan Aids. FUjhn al nw (JgMs, 5h«pei and Ma-iL'UYomg Lif^iLA hinjallon Akh FUilcs at SIB Ron] Natation AilU- Riilu of DID Hasd WEEMSHHQS© are quick reference took that identify eimerwctual views of maritime bouyage systems with corresponding chart symbols or vessel light configurations at night. WEEMSffiEO@§ are available in five unique versions which cover all the vessel lights and rules of the road in the world. To determine which WEEMSHEDS© to use, refer to the world map. (shown above) Spanish Language Version 190ES • Displays...

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