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ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Please refer to the document -IDENTIFICATION PARTS- to identify the different elements of the kayak. Choose a suitable place for assembling the kayak, ie a flat surface (wooden floor or grass if available) Avoid sand, stones or concrete, which might damage the hull Unpack the bag and rucksack paying particular attention to the way the parts are packed, in order to pack them in the same way after disassembly. Place the main front part (A1) of the canoe on the ground and unfold both sides and base. Make sure the ‘screw’ is inside the forked end of the bar as shown in the...

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Assemble the rear part (A2) in the same way, replacing ribs 1 and 2 with n° 6, and 7, (C6, C7). Attach s poles with hooks (2x E4) then the two longer poles(2xE3) Rib C6.5 – concerns TROJAK only Unfold the hull (material) of the canoe. Slide the front and rear parts of the structure into the hull. The two parts of the canoe are not yet joined Now join the two parts of the canoe (front and back) Firstly join the two parts of the floor, lifting slightly and then pressing firmly 3

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Likewise join the sides, pulling so that the hull is stretched to a max. Put the remaining ribs into their respective places (D3,D4, D5), then join poles using metal tubes (2x E 5), making sure the poles are securely held in place in semicircular holes at the base of the ribs The bars, with black strips to the outside ( F1 to F6), slide onto the upper edge of the hull material. Take the longer bars and slide from rib C6 towards front of canoe, slotting material into the grooves, left and right sides consecutively. Fix bars (F1 and F2 ) to the top of rib B2 as in photo. 4

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Add triangular part (G2) to this, fixing with black, spherical knob (G1). Put screw of each rib into the hole and close the latch. Insert material into grooves of bars F5 and F6 at rear of canoe. 5

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Fix bar F6 ( rear left of canoe) on the rib C6.5 and fix bar F4 on rib C 6 Put seats (H2 and H3) into place, securing with black knob (H1), then backrests (H4,H5, H6) Inflate hull, being careful not to overinflate, then put the small plastic plugs into the ends of the tubes. 6

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After unscrewing the screws, fix in place the pedals, making sure these long screws are put back in place. ( The pedals are in front of the second H2 seat. See last photo – the overall view - for place of pedals in canoe) Fix the two middle strings to the outer right-hand side of the boat; left and right strings respectively to left and right pedals. And this is how your canoe should look ! ! 7

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AMAZON II Expedition (TROJAK Family) IDENTIFICATION PARTS This is to help you identify the different parts of the canoe ; these references will be used in the assembly instructions 8

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III. EXPLOITATION & MAINTENANCE 1. 2. - Assembled kayak is ready for use and paddling. Two versions of kayak using are possible: paddling sailing 3. Luggage should be symmetrically located in loading space. Some in front and some in the rear part of kayak. 4. Kayak will long-lasting equipment if properly maintained. 5. You should remember of stones and trees standing out of water and avoid friction during landing on the beach. 6. Kayak is also fitted for paddling on salt waters (seas, oceans). 7. It is recommended to unfold kayak sometimes during intensive exploitation for cleaning of...

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