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Professional Catalog 2024 WatersportConcept Custumizable innovations, designed and tested by professionals like you

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3 - ABOUT US BIG PADDLE UNIVERSE 5 - Boards 6 - Big slides 7 - Giant fighting sticks 8 - Big Sofa STAND-UP-PADDLES 10 - Green 10'6 10 - Blue 10'6 11 - Red Race 12'6 12 - Family Paddle 13 - Yellow Kid 7'5 KAYAK & PADDLE POLO 14 - Discovery polo goals 16 - Inflatable polo field 18 - INFLATABLE FURNITURES CHILL'INFLATE 19 - PONTOONS - INFLATABLE PLATFORMS 20 - ELECTRIC WATERPUMP 21 - WATERLOCKERS 22 - WHY CHOOSE WATERSPORTCONCEPT ? 23 - CONTACT WATER SPORT

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 3

Watersport Concept is a brand born from the friendship of 3 people who are passionate about water sports, the sea and outdoor activities. Based in Argeles-sur-Mer and all kayak and paddle instructors, we want to share our passion. And, like you, we love to offer unforgettable and surprising experiences! Our range of paddles and all our innovations, such as the big paddle universe and the kayak polo goals, have been designed and tested for over 7 years by professionals in the water sports industry, to better meet your needs and those of your paddlers. WATER SPORT ^ CdnCEPT

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 4

BIG Paddle universe Our vision? To create a real universe around Big Paddle, to make it more and more fun, and to offer surprising experiences to your customers ! Customisable products & bespoke design! WATERSPORT CONCEPT

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 5

Big Paddle universe- boards Our giant paddles are specially designed for watersports centres and intensive use in all environments. Extra large and stable, they're ideal for playing on and livening up your waters! Woven fusion Drop Stitch double-layer technology gives them exceptional stiffness, lightness and resistance to abrasion and UV rays. KIDS PADDLE 2 / 4 persons MEGA PADDLE 6 / 12 persons NEW: Unique indestructible, non-slip pad/grip. 1 US case and its removable fin + four small unbreakable 7 cm soft fins. Easy to carry: 8 handles on the top + 2 rear handles and 1 front handle,...

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 6

big Paddle universe- slide The only one of its kind in the world, designed and tested in Argeles-sur-Mer over the last 4 years, the slide has quickly become the inseparable part of the Big Paddle! Attached by a simple and fast system, our concept promises laughter, slides and dives to young and old, with friends or family! MEGA SLIDE Fits paddles over 160 cm wide KIDS SLIDE Fits paddles between 110 and 140 cm wide BIG SLIDE Fits paddles between 140 and 160 cm wide 1 240 € ht Inflated: 320 x 210 x 180 cm Deflated: 65 x 40 x 40 cm 1 590 € ht Already have a Big Paddle? Our range of slides are...

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 7

big Paddle universe- giant fighting sticks These giant PVC fighting sticks are ideal to fight on a Big Paddle in complete safety. Offer your groups (seminars, bachelorette parties, holiday camps...), or for hire, an original activity, and make Big Paddle even more fun! Length : 150 CM 0.9-mm PVC: professional, inflatable & safe construction, offering unfailing strength. Extra strong double handles. 1 inflation valve (2PSI recommended). 290 € excl. taxes the pair WATERSPORT CONCEPT

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 8

big paddle universe Big sofa Discover the Big Sofa, the perfect way to relax and enjoy the sun, for up to 3 people! Possibility to rent it alone, or with a Big Paddle to accommodate more people. Inflatable & safe construction, offering a high level of resistance. 4 extra strong handles. 1 inflation valve (2PSI), & 1 pressure relief valve. As an option, we have invented an anti-slip Dropstitch bottle and cup holder, to make the most of the Big Sofa Paddle! WATERSPORT CONCEPT

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 9

paddles individuels The 2023 WATERSPORT CONCEPT collection is the result of 7 years of testing. Available in several models of different colours, children or adults, your customers will be able to choose their paddle according to their level and progress through the range. Customisable products & bespoke design! Strength, durability & lightness : our unique Woven Drop Stitch Fusion Double Layer technology ensures outstanding strength and stiffness, increased lightness and exceptional durability. Ideal for all watersports bases & clubs! Features: 3 ergonomic and extra strong handles for easy...

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 10

PADDLE GREEN 10'6 This We have designed this paddle for beginners of beginners of all sizes! Everyone will be able to small size, or people who want to progress. Easy to discover the pleasures of gliding thanks to handle and easy to turn, this paddle is perfect for this wide and stable board. leisure or sport. Its front rocker makes it easy to handle in choppy water and small waves. Woven Dropstitch Double Layer Fusion Woven Dropstitch Double Layer Fusion Maximum weight: 140 kg 1 valve, max 18 PSI Maximum weight: 90 kg 1 valve, max 18 PSI 4 stainless steel rings allow these beginner models...

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 11

PADDLE BLACK RACE 14'6 This paddle will be perfect for people who have The Watersport Concept Race 14.6 inflatable paddle is already practiced paddling. Its slimmer and faster ideal for racing or long rides. Its waterproof bag slot shape allows it to go further and faster while allows you to go on an adventure for several hours! The remaining stable! Its unique 25 cm long fin allows unique 25cm long fin allows for a straighter path and a straighter trajectory and reinforces its stability. increased stability. Woven Dropstitch Woven Dropstitch Double Layer Fusion Double Layer Fusion 2...

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 12

Paddle Family Specially designed to accommodate up to 2 adults and a child, it is the perfect companion to have fun with the family or as a couple, to learn about the pleasures of surfing and to discover the activity. Stable and easy to handle, it will perfectly complete your individual paddles offer! Woven Dropstitch Fusion Double Layer technology for outstanding strength and lightness. Features: Extra strong & non-slip pad. 2 stainless steel rings at each end for safe towing. A removable central fin (US box) and 2 small soft fins allowing a good hold, without disturbing the folding of the...

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Professional Catalog 2023 - 13

children to enjoy the pleasures of beginners as well as for those who want to progress, it makes paddling youngest! Stable as well as easy to handle, it allows the youngest to feel the sensations very quickly. 7.5' x 28' x 4'. 228 x 71 x 10 cm Woven Dropstitch Fusion Double Layer Maximum weight: 35 kg 1 inflation valve, max 18 PSI. WATERSPORT CONCEPT

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