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Waterbird products 2016

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The Waterbird® range of parasails are the result of over 40 years of continuous development in the sport. In 1969 Brian Gaskin began experimenting with ex-military parachutes , the design of these parachutes meant that they were far from ideal as parasails, they had after all been designed for free-fall and not as flying machines. Brian, decided the only way to achieve safe and reliable flight from a parachute was to design one exclusively for flight, the result; In late 1974 the Waterbird (16) was born, the first ever true parasail. The design and construction of the Waterbird (16) were...

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VMrtMtttnEJ Design & THE WORLD'S FINEST PAR AS AILS 16 gore high performance low drag parasail originally designed in 1974 by Brian Easkin, the first parachute to be designed to ascend, not a modification of an existing free-fall parachute.. (i.e. 20 or 24 panel Paracomander types) Fabric [3 types far HOI E, 3 high tenacity E.E yarn fabrics] 1/2 Our Ultraflow™ 1.9oz single silicone coated Rip-stop Nylon 6.6 high tear strength sail cloth is super long lasting in strong sunlight or sandy beach use. (3 4 seasons) Our cheaper option, Spectrum 1.3oz™ "double sided silicone" coated rip stop Nylon...

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%%(^l[l#^liylijpB Size/wind/weight THE WORLD'S FINEST PAR AS AILS Winchboat Parasails Beach Parasails High Wind Parasails • Cyclone XXX 23 One seat Seat (max 42 kph) • Cyclone XX 33 Two - Three Seat (max 33 kph) • Cyclone X 35 Two - Three Seat (max 31 kph) • Cyclone X 37 Three - Four Seat (max 29 kph) • Cyclone X 38 Three - Four Seat (max 27 kph) NOTE: Maximum Weight figures are quoted for reference purposes only and indicate the MAXIMUM lifting capability of any given canopy when flown in its maximum operational wind speed. 27 Blue Chalet Ind Est, West Kingsdown, Kent. England.

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THE WORLD'S FINEST PAR AS AILS Waterbird parasails are equiped as standard with Quicktrim®. Quicktrim® provides the ability to fine tune the parasail by simply zipping out any bias that develops. This simple system ensures your Waterbird continues to fly straight during its working life. Note: Do not adjust any of the 16 lines to correct a bias. Pressure Vent Pressure Vent Waterbird parasails are available with adjust- able high wind zip pressure vents. These zip vents allow your parasail to be used in a wider range of wind speeds. The average increase in max wind speed would be 30%. High...

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Order Farm • Indicate Colour preference on chart using colour code provide* • Shaded area = most visible for advertising* Waterbird parasail Size / Model required Lettering or Logo required ( please state colours (Original artwork or sample must be provided if specific logo or type face required) Date required PCiynDQPt FY*)Q"|"|"|Qd (P'ease note Custom parasails will not be placed into works before payment is received) Weaf prbird Peareakif e»s» 27 Blue Chalet Ind Est, West Kingsdown, Kent. England. info@waterbird.co.uk www.flywaterbird.com

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THE WORLD'S FINEST PAR AS AILS Maximum Profits /Minimum Fuss Now an established favourite with operators world wide since 1995, the Doubleizer™ and Tripleizer™ bar guarantees an increase in business and profits without increasing operator workloads. The attraction of flying safely alongside a loved one whilst holding hands or flying with their whole family is just too great for many holiday makers to resist. Virtually every operator using the Waterbird® bar systems claim it has given their business >je Waterbird® designed bar systems working around the world than [ 'f~ available types...

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Original FluFish Bright Yellow Banana colour 1100 denier Dupont Hypalon™ Cold Glued Seam Construction Super strong Webbing & 4 point Tow Yoke Sizes 6/8/10 Person in-line Sizes: 10/12/16/20 Person side by side Double layer seat pads Manufacturers 2 year Limited warranty BRONCO MAX™ 3, 5, 6, 8 Person Sea Sleds available in Strength, Durability and looks at an affordable price. The ultimate seasled. The original Flyfish, not a cheap copy! Bright Yellow Banana colour Cold Glued Seam Construction Super strong Webbing & 6 point Tow Yoke Flies as high as 5 metres (1 or 2 persons) Double layer seat...

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THE WORLD'S FINEST PAR AS AILS Winchboats emerged in the late 1980's as a solution to the problems associated with conventional parasail operations. Originally all operations were beach based, which relied upon onshore winds or low wind conditions to perform effectively; they occupied valuable space on the beach and consequently became a focal point for other beach users. Floating platforms or pontoons were the natural progression, they removed the operations from the beaches and where thus favoured by local authorities. Platforms/pontoons being less susceptible to wind direction could...

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Waterbird® is proud to announce the new Flyride 24™ wakeboarding / parasailing boat. After 2 years development working closely with our current customers we can now offer the only wakeboard/waterski boat that can also offer its owner operator a commercially rated parasail boat all in one. This new concept will allow the smaller watersport centres the option of having a great wakeboard/waterski boat for all their watersport requirements plus the additional benefit of a built in commercial or private parasailing feature that can take up to 6 paying customers or friends per trip. The Flyride...

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General Specification Passenger Seating Capacity Free board Fuel Capacity Fuel Consumption (Average Parasailing conditions) 13 Lt. 2.8 Gal Winch System Tower mounted loud speakers Tower mounted wakeboard racks Bimini sun shade canopy Full night time LED lighting Weaf prbird Peareaklf e»s» 27 Blue Chalet Ind Est, West Kingsdown, Kent. England. i nfo@ waterbi rd.co.uk www. f lywaterbi rd. com Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tank Winch Drum Type Line Capacity Line Pull at Maximum Pressure Stand-by Pressure Stainless steel line feeder

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