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wallyclassThe 2017 Wally Class Rules March 2017 1. The Wally Class The Wally Class is an association of the Owners of Wally Yachts organising and coordinating races exclusively between the fast cruisers branded by Wally. The rules here defined are established by the Wally Chairman, who is the sole ultimate authority and who has the right to propose changes to these Rules to be approved by the majority of the Class Members. In case of stall between the members the Wally Chairman has the authority to approve an amendment of these rules. The Class Members nominate the Class Secretary. The...

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wallyclass As described in Appendix B, the Wally fleet may provide the following three (3) other sub-divisions: • Group 80 (minimum 2 entrants) • Group 2 (minimum 2 entrants) • Group Giga (minimum 2 entrants) 3. Voting System Each Owner, regular member of the Wally Class, shall have one (1) vote if competing in one (1) or two (2) races and two (2) votes if entering more than two (2) races. The reference period is the calendar year prior to the Owners' Annual General Meeting. 4. Classifications and Groups In each Wally Class event only one (1) official Overall Classification will be...

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6.a Helmsman Wildcards When an owner, family member or alternate (see 8.b) is not on board at the helm of his Wally during a Wally Class event, a Wildcard can be played. Each Wally team has a max of four (4) Wildcards during the season that can be played with the following effects: • • The first two (2) Wildcards will reduce the owner-driver penalty to 0%. The remaining two (2) Wildcards will reduce the owner-driver penalty to 1% or, if the captain is at the helm, to 0%. One (1) Wildcard is considered valid for one (1) race if declared when the event has already started or for one (1) day,...

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A Wally leaving the dock for the day shall not modify the sail inventory on board during that day. On a consecutive-days event, sails need not to remain the same for the duration of the regatta, even if differently specified by the Notice of Race and / or Sailing Instructions of the event. 8.a Sails as moving ballast Sails are considered as ballast and therefore shall not be moved to improve the boat's performance. Sails not in use shall not be moved from one side to the other while tacking or gybing. Only in cases of emergency and / or to prevent them from falling into the water sails...

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11. True Wind Speed limit Races of any Wally Class events shall not start with less than 5 and more than 25 knots of true wind speed measured by the Race Committee during a 3-5 minutes period. The decision to conduct a race lies solely with the Race Committee, and it is a skipper's sole responsibility to decide to participate in the race. Any decision by the Race Committee cannot be considered as grounds for protest, and all yachts that do not start will be scored as DNC (Did Not Compete). Before each event the Wally Class Secretary will inform the Organizing Authority that this rule is in...

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MEASUREMENT 16. It is the owner's responsibility to have his yacht measured and to present a copy of the Rating certificate within the below mentioned deadlines.. Rating Certificates will remain confidential until the first registration day in each event when the Class Secretary will circulate to the participants the list of ratings valid for the event. 16.1 Rating certificates and deadlines: while no limits are set for the number of certificates issued yearly for each Wally yacht, they shall not be issued after the following deadlines: 15 April: for the first Wally Class calendar event 15...

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17. Wally officers Every year one or more Wally Class official measurer/s will be appointed. At each Wally event the Wally Class Secretary and/or the Class Measurer are entitled to check the compliance of the participating Wally yachts to IRC and Wally Rules and to inspect the boats at anytime at their discretion. The Wally Class Secretary and Measurer can also file official reports to the International Jury and the Organizing Authority. They are entitled to measure the boats before and during the Racing Season and to keep a record of each Wally. 18. Configuration All interior equipment...

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Standing Rigging: any material, swept-back spreaders and adjustable backstay/s with the following characteristics: a) Lower spreaders shall have a minimum angle of 17 degrees decreasing to the minimum of 13 degrees for the top spreaders. b) If yachts are replacing their old rigs with new ones, new rigs minimum characteristics shall be as indicated under point a) of this amendment. c) Wally yachts launched and/or having installed new rigs before 1 January 2016 are grandfathered. 1. twin running-backstays are allowed 2. running Backstay control lines to lead only to Hydraulic Rams and/or...

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wallyclass 1. minimum of three (3) guest cabins and three (3) guest bathrooms plus crew cabin/s and bathroom/s 2. one (1) living and one (1) galley area as well as a navigation area with a seat. 3. the length of the living area, from bow to stern, shall be minimum 54% of the LOA of the yacht hull. 4. the minimum headroom, in 90% of the walkable area, shall be minimum 190 cm. 5. living area: the area including cabins, bathrooms, saloon, galley area and relevant corridors shall not be usually dedicated to store sails. The living area shall be separate from the forepeak and the...

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wallyclass 2. all other areas forming the rest 10% (such as frames, structural rings, etc.) shall be painted or clear coated 3. floorboards and headlining have to be permanently fitted 4. one (1) dining table with relevant seats shall be fitted and kept in its place at all times (table size in accordance with guests' and owners' berths) 5. a general storage area has to be present: 6. all mattresses must be present on the relevant beds while racing 7. any cascade or purchase systems running in the living areas aimed to fold or lower the sails are prohibited Following the rapid...

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wallyclass GENERAL In addition of what mentioned above, anchors, life rafts, lifelines, toolbox, spares shall be kept on board in accordance with the Notice of Race, and the OSR Category of the event. OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS The Wally Class, when competing in the official events of the racing season, shall be subject to the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Categories requirements, in accordance with each events' Notice of Race. Exceptionally, lifelines arrangements shall be at minimum as per originally supplied. 1. GROUP 2: with a minimum of two (2) entries, the Wally Class...

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