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WORKING HARBOURS HEAVY DUTY PONTOONS FOR COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS Heavy duty units can range from upgraded standard pontoons which benefit from additional buoyancy, together with more substantial timber or concrete decking through to continuous buoyancy all concrete floating structures offering wave attenuation characteristics. Cardiff Harbour Authority Environment Compound Commercial pontoons will exhibit higher live loadings and will be designed to resist greater berthing forces than standard marina equipment. Taff Mead Water Taxi Walcon Working Harbours.indd 1 6/9/05 10:52:04

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FIXINGS Flexible connections – The proven flexible couplings comprise compressed rubber blocks, through bolts, castle nuts and split pins. This ensures security and prevents vertical and lateral misalignment but allows vertical angular movements of the adjacent units. No noise is generated by the connection. Cadogan Pier, River Thames JUMBO PONTOON 3m 11.5m SPECIFICATION Structure: Mild steel all welded structure galvanised to EN ISO 1461 Decking: Hardwood boards planed from 150 x 33 sections. Floats: Extra deep Walcon fibre concrete protected expanded polystyrene floats arranged in...

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