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HEAVY DUTY CONTINUOUS BUOYANCY FLOTATION UNIT The original Waliflote pontoon unit was developed for the heavy services loading that was required with the Brighton marina pontoon facility. The pontoon, now evolved, comes complete with either a concrete deck finish with hardwood fenders or a traditional pontoon finish with a galvanised steel frame clad in hardwood timber boards and fender. Waliflotes offer continuous buoyancy and therefore exhibit wave attenuating characteristics which can be used to good effect in areas where wave heights are marginal for safe marina

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Penarth Water Taxi, Cardiff Bay Waliflotes are continuous buoyancy concrete floats. They are cast in one section and may be used alone or in conjunction with System 21 walkways to provide an exceptionally stable and maintenance free pontoon. Two standard depths are offered providing alternative freeboards and loading capacities. 2.46 or 2.9m 11.46m 0.95m 0.81m Jumbo Waliflote, 11.46 x 2.9 x 0.95 SPECIFICATION Structure: Steel reinforced concrete walls, glassfibre concrete deck, expanded polystyrene integral buoyancy and elastomer base protection. Decking: Waliflotes may be used with System...

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