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Marina Equipment and Accessories - 1

HARDWARE THE ESSENTIAL EXTRA COMPONENTS REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A MARINA These illustrations highlight some items of hardware available. Complete descriptions of all items can be found on the following pages.

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Marina Equipment and Accessories - 2

MH1 Large Emergency Cabinet MH2 Small Emergency Cabinet EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT LARGE EMERGENCY CABINET (MH1) Glass re-inforced panel cabinet as standard: 2 No. 9kg dry powder fire extinguishers, first aid box, axe and lifebelt. Optional additional items include vandal alarm, integral light and emergency telephone. SMALL EMERGENCY CABINET (MH2) Similar cabinet to MH1 but smaller with standard inventory: 1 No. 9kg dry powder fire extinguisher and lifebelt. An integral light is an optional extra. EMERGENCY LADDER (MH3) G.R.P ladder to enable someone who has . fallen into the water to climb on to...

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Marina Equipment and Accessories - 3

WATER EQUIPMENT WATER OUTLET (MH7) These free-standing units are designed to conform to the National Yacht Harbour Association recommendations for supplying drinking water from a stand pipe within reach of each berth. A tap is mounted on the upright of the aluminium stand and 18m of hose supplied as standard either coiled or at extra cost on a reel. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (MH6 & MH9) Whilst Walcon does not manufacture marina electrical equipment. We have ensured that suitable units will fit our equipment. The modules illustrated (MH6) are manufactured by Sureline Electrical Modules Limited &...

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Marina Equipment and Accessories - 4

PILE CAPS (MH8) Piles, although fundamental to the marina. can be an eyesore and an attractive fibreglass cap embellished. if required. with the pier number or letter and colour-coded. can be an inexpensive way of brightening up the installation. Caps can be made in any size and colour. PILE GUIDES The size and type of pile guides varies widely and each contract is examined individually. Standard features of guides are: 1. Built-in tolerance of ±50mm. 2. Hardwood or composite rubbing strips. Pile guides incorporated within the walkway can be provided as special units. G2 Pile Guide Standard...

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