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PREVENTING ALGAL REGROWTH We are all faced with trying to prevent algal re-growth in coastal and marina situations Walcon Inhibitor used on a regular basis is an ideal substitute for sodium hypochlorite and other environment damaging strong chemical treatments. Straight from the Container Works on most surfaces Environmentally Friendly Inhibits Algal Regrowth Spray-on Application Removes Algae Slipway at Brixham Marina Use the product straight from the container without dilution and apply by spray directly onto the concrete surface or pontoon decking. Walcon Inhibitor will inhibit further germination for some time.

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Partial application on slipway We are faced with trying to prevent algal re-growth in its ideal growing habitat - moist surfaces, warmed by the sun and constantly rejuvinated with nutrients. We can only hope to hold back nature in certain specific areas and then only for a finite time. Whatever solution is offered is going to be a compromise and constrained by cost. The Walcon Inhibitor contains Byotrol, which relies on physics rather than chemistry to do most of the work, making the products probably the least environmentally damaging available today. The very clever and novel Byotrol...

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