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ACCESS BRIDGES The FOCAL POINT OF ANY MARINA OR BERTHING FACILITY A range of standard width, length and live load steel or aluminium structured access bridges are available, although ramps can be designed and built to customers’ specific requirements. Shorter, steel ramps can be provided with a galvanised finish, larger steel structured bridges will be painted. Aluminium bridges are generally finished self colour, although a decorative paint system can be applied if required. Bridges and ramps are generally decked using anti-slip hardwood decking, although alternative finishes are always available. Larger bridges feature warren truss side rail structures and can be fitted with mesh infill or vertical rail anti-climb panels. Walcon Access Bridges.indd 1 6/9/05 10:51:05

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Specification Sizes of Standard Steel Structured Access Bridges All bridges design live loading is in excess of 2.5kn/m² LE NG TH LENGTH LENGTH 1.2m (internal) WIDTH 1.5m (internal) 2.0m (internal) Approx Weight Approx Weight Approx Weight 5.00m 750kg 850kg 950kg 6.25m 900kg 1000kg 1150kg 7.50m 1100kg 1200kg 1300kg 8.75m 1250kg 1350kg 1500kg 10.00m 1500kg 1650kg 1900kg 11.25m 1700kg 1800kg 2050kg 12.50m 1850kg 2000kg 2300kg 13.75m 2000kg 2200kg 2500kg 15.00m 2800kg 3000kg 3300kg 16.50m 3000kg 3250kg 3600kg 18.00m 3250kg 3500kg 3900kg 19.50m 3500kg 3800kg 4200kg 21.00m 3800kg 4050kg 4500kg...

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