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VIKING SBS Simple Bowsing System

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Simplified evacuation without compromising on quality With fewer crew available to oversee and expedite evacuations, reliable, straightforward evacuation solutions are becoming a compelling alternative to davit-launched or throw overboard liferafts. VIKING offers a Simple Bowsing System (SBS) for High-Speed Crafts (HSC) and smaller ferries, designed for evacuating 51, 101 and 153 persons with VIKING quality in a convenient, cost-effective package. The system can be combined with SOLAS approved slides for installation heights up to 3.3 m boarding heights. The VIKING SBS system has been...

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Straightforward installation Split tube Cleat The slide is packed in a valise, which is placed on the vessel behind the evacuation door or nearby, ready to manually hook onto two padeyes on the deck at the evacuation door after liferaft inflation and positioning against vessel side. The liferaft container is installed on the vessel close to the evacuation door. System installed as seen from above. Split tube SPLIT TUBE CLEAT Cleat Installation example with liferaft placed just above the embarkation door.

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Flexible choices The VIKING SBS is available in direct-boarding liferaft configurations, or with SOLAS-approved slides in three different sizes to cater for various evacuation heights. There are models to meet the requirements of the HSC Code and the LSA Code, and all are ready for SBS MES approval.* Choose either standard liferafts or Extended Service Interval liferafts in VIKING quality - at highly competitive servicing prices. 50 DKS, B Pack, Throw overboard Approx. size of container in mm *DKR liferafts (without canopy) are HCS approved and DKS liferafts (with canopy) are SOLAS B...

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100 DKS, B Pack, Throw overboard 150 DKS, B Pack, Throw overboard Racks Approx. size of container in mm Approx. size of container in mm Rack for liferaft containers 100 DKR, Open reversible liferaft (IBA) 50 DKR, Open reversible liferaft (IBA) Approx. weight kg Approx. size of container in mm Pack type B B B HSC HSC HSC

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Connections in a deployed state Shipside The slide is connected to the vessel by two lashings hooked onto two padeyes. LIFE-SA VING VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT LINE TOWING Bowsing lines are led from the liferaft container to cleats in split tubes. Two bowsing lines from the liferaft container are preattached to two cleats, one on each side of the evacuation door. Bowsing line no. 2 is a bowsing line connected to the quick release line. When bowsing line 2 is pulled, the liferaft starts inflation while the liferaft is positioned against the vessel side. Bowsing line no. 1 is a single...

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The simple way to greater flexibility The VIKING SBS system is designed to use standard liferafts or liferafts with extended service intervals such as the VIKING S30. Why choose the VIKING S30 over other brands? The VIKING S30 is the world’s most popular liferaft with extended service intervals on the market, with more than 10,000 units in operation. Its success is due to: n No power or computer is needed for onboard inspection by crew n A full package with all the accessories you need – including a specially equipped VIKING S30 inspection briefcase n The world’s most efficient servicing...

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LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT BOLD NEW VISIONS FOR SAFETY Rethink your safety with us For shipowners and operators who want compliant, streamlined, and reduced-risk onboard safety, VIKING is the only safety equipment and servicing provider that provides all the elements of a future-proof strategy. VIKING Shipowner Agreements offer uniquely customizable concepts that incorporate safety products, global servicing, single-source management, and financing in a variety of fixed price structures. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENTProtecting people and business Saedding Ringvej 13, DK-6710 Esbjerg V, Denmark...

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