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Liferafts with Extended Service Intervals

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VIKING S30 - 2

Over 10,000 units delivered Like other liferafts with extended service intervals, VIKING S30 liferafts are davitlaunched or throw-overboard, inflatable liferafts with an extended service interval of up to 30 months instead of the usual 12 months. For extra protection during this period, they’re securely packed in a hermetically sealed membrane that resists the migration of water vapour. 2 But that’s where the comparison stops. Thanks to their unique quality and features, more than 10,000 VIKING S30s have been installed around the world since 2000. It’s a powerful testament to their design -...

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VIKING S30 - 3

5 reasons why we’re the no.1 choice for liferafts with extended service intervals No power or computer needed Annual onboard testing takes just 3 simple steps - a feature unique to the VIKING S30 liferaft. What could be more simple? Everything’s included When you purchase a VIKING S30, you get a full package including a container with a testing window, testing tools and access to an online portal. Online support makes it even easier The VIKING S30 online portal provides everything you need to train for and register annual on-board inspections. And it’s simple to learn to use, too. Backed by...

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VIKING S30 - 4

VIKING S30 liferafts feature an extra window at the end of the container to make visual onboard inspection possible. Packed with features Flexible choices VIKING S30 liferafts come in a variety of sizes, with self-righting, throw-overboard and davit-launchable versions available. They’re stowed in rigid fibreglass containers, which are the same across the range, enabling the same racks, ramps and instruction materials to be used. A special briefcase is included with every VIKING S30 liferaft, containing an instruction manual, testing tool, log book, special flashlight, and the login and...

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VIKING S30 - 5

Onboard servicing by crew in 3 simple steps No power or computer required! Just 3 easy steps is all it takes for the crew to perform annual onboard inspections. Register date and serial number in log book VIKING S30s are serviced using a combination of annual onboard inspections carried out by crew and specialized service after 30 months at a VIKING certified service station. At 30 months the liferaft must be serviced at a VIKING S30 certified servicing station. A current list is available in the VIKING S30 online portal or from your local VIKING office. Insert testing tool and hold for 5...

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VIKING S30 - 6

Extended service interval liferafts are permitted under SOLAS regulation 20.8.3, which enables liferafts to be inspected at longer intervals than 12 months, as long as the same safety levels are met as for conventional liferafts. Less handling The liferafts must be annually tested on board by trained and certified personnel, but require less handling than conventional products. So they carry lower associated costs (such as barge, overtime and transportation) than standard liferafts. More planning Service dates are based on the date of manufacture, and extension are not allowed - or grace...

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VIKING S30 - 7

Type of Operation Long time charter Type of Management Ship Management Operation Area Remote ports Main ports Vessel Ownership Short-term SPOT market Onboard inspection VIKING Are liferafts with extended service intervals right for your fleet? Shipowners are always keen to cut costs. But not if it means added risk or more administrative hassles. That’s why a decision to move to this type of liferaft has to be carefully considered. So they are a possibility for: n Long-term charters and liners n Container vessels calling main ports A VIKING S30 liferaft is best suited to vessels that: n...

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VIKING S30 - 8

LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Rethink your safety with us For shipowners and operators who want compliant, streamlined, and reduced-risk onboard safety, VIKING is the only safety equipment and servicing provider that provides all the elements of a future-proof strategy. VIKING Shipowner Agreements offer uniquely customizable concepts that incorporate safety products, global servicing, single-source management, and financing in a variety of fixed price structures. You can even mix and match liferaft types and service options to suit your fleet's exact needs. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Protecting...

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