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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 1

EDITION 1 / 2012 The VIKING advantage The VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue for rce u The so re sho offy solutions fet sa VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 2

Life-saving equipment is serious business To choose the right equipment at the outset, all aspects have to be considered - from design to maintenance. For when it comes to life-saving equipment for offshore installations, the advice you get is just as important as the products.

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 3

VIKING advantage We make sure you get what you need Our in-depth knowledge of the offshore industry ensures optimal solutions in all phases - putting together total packages for new buildings, producing custom designed evacuation systems, supplying the right combination of personal protective equipment, as well as professional and convenient servicing and replacement. When you choose VIKING life-saving equipment you choose a sound long term investment.

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 4

VIKING is an innovator in life-saving equipment for a wide range of offshore installations including fixed and floating platforms, FPSO's need to select your offshore safety Products are easy to locate using the table of contents. Each product entry contains a short description, an item number and a list of variants and related products where relevant. The item number can be used for a quick search for further information on our VIKING Safetyshop Enquiries can be made either directly through nearest VIKING office or agent who will send a ING can supply a complete offshore ^HRIge, including...

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 5

About VIKING Complete Safety Packages Evacuation Systems Crew Transfer and Access Systems Liferafts, Boats, Davits and Accessories Suits, Lifejackets and Accessories Polar Solutions Wind Safety Solutions Marine Fire Safety Equipment Safety Showers Emergency Equipment Helicopter Crash Kits Global Service Products in this catalogue are sold by VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S, and manufactured by VIKING and others. Only those products explicitly called VIKING in the product name are manufactured by VIKING. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products or...

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 6

a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing safety equipment for passenger and commercial vessels, installations and vessels, the defence sector, structural ing as well as leisure yachts. choice of product packages and systems that are standard or tailor made, and certified to the The VIKING headquarters are located in Denmark. Our liferafts, marine evacuation systems and protective clothing are manufactured at production facilities in Denmark, Norway, Thailand and USA. unique VIKING network of global branches, agents and 270 certified servicing stations makes us a ^pi5al...

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 7

ABOUT VIKING Dedicated global production VIKING products are manufactured using a combination of modern technology and skilled manual VIKING has an award winning workplace. Our commitment to quality and safety and our loyal and experienced employees mean that our working atmosphere is quite exceptional. VIKING practices integrated production with joint global planning. Special competences are concentrated at individual production units. All our production facilities follow uniform guidelines and have identical systems and procedures. VIKING Life-Saving Equipment is certified according to...

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 8

lain Quauptitlon SrK«m jbr upplim ta Chr Oil Jrjduilr^ m ffarciraiy finii Dt'irma'* Cera ficaie of Qualification VIKIXtl UFK-SAVING r.QUII'MKNT NORGEAS AcfcUkm /n/nmiirtihii t>iin> *>OT4Ì r^ifmi JíHjr VBCOTD IIÎEJH WlttÌ COfííMIEffT HOKtìÈ AS /VK lupplvo ta Éiur Oil ftufuxlry aí >bni*iju IVlrf t^nuruHc mimi qhtVSCD J" y ritfùiù 9°W_Oil Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS) is a collaboration between Norwegian and Danish oil and gas operators and management contractors. Those buyers not subject to the EC procurement directives are actively using the system as a joint vendor database....

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 9

REGULATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONs 9 Crew can trust VIKING safety solutions VIKING offshore evacuation systems are built in Norway and designed to adhere to the Norwegian NORSOK standards, approved by Lloyds and widely recognized as the toughest offshore safety standards in the world. Our full product range undergoes rigorous testing including certification through the European Marine Equipment Directive (MarED). Products used in explosive areas are, of course, also developed in compliance with the related regulations. We work continuously to obtain the latest certifications for our products so...

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 10

Safety Packages Fully documented package solutions can be supplied for offshore installations and supply vessels based on the safety plan. Let our experts help you put together the optimal offshore safety package. Illustration courtesy of Bassoe Technology

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 11

- Fire hose reel - Foam applicator unit Evacuation systems immersion suits Lifebuoy with equipment Lifebuoy with automatic release (Hammar system) Fast rescue boat Outdoor combined safety insulated with heat fire equipment - Immersion suit Basket stretcher Transfer basket

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 12


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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 13

Evacuation Systems When the lifeboat has taken off... and the helicopter has left... you can count on VIKING's Offshore Evacuation System. Always accessible... even for the last man standing.

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 14

ffshore E 14 EVACUATION SYSTEMS Offshore Evacuation Systems

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VIKING Offshore Safety Catalogue - 15

When every minute counts Every second is critical when a situation requires abandoning an offshore installation. Safely evacuating the maximum number of crew in the minimum amount of time is the priority. High capacity life-saving equipment must be easy to handle and require limited involvement by crew. VIKING'S advanced evacuation systems provide fast and easy evacuation, exceptional stability and are trusted by crew worldwide. VIKING offers unique custom designed evacuation systems for safe, simple and reliable evacuation of all types of fixed and floating offshore installations, FPSO's,...

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