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e ritimns o a mfety soluti sa The VIKING Maritime Safety Catalogue VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT A/S

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En line tekst her med beskrivelse Welcome to the VIKING Advantage Life-saving equipment is serious business To choose the right equipment at the outset you need to know how to put together the optimal package and be sure that your partner will be there for the long haul - wherever service is needed. For when it comes to maritime equipment a global support network is just as important as the products onboard. Local access to global knowledge VIKING products are supported by a network of local experts and 270 certified servicing stations. VIKING’s global offices work together as a team via an...

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En line tekst her med beskrivelse Our global resources are second to none No other life-saving equipment provider has the same global resources as VIKING. Our unique network and fully integrated production facilities in four locations in Northern Europe and the Far East, and our effective logistics with worldwide stock points ensure optimal delivery of VIKING’s high quality products wherever needed. We make sure you get what you need VIKING offers a choice of product packages, systems and servicing agreements that range from top of the line innovations to standard and basic options. A broad...

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bout VIK about Viking About VIKING VIKING is a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing essential safety equipment for passenger and commercial vessels, offshore installations and vessels, the defence sector, structural fire fighting as well as leisure yachts. VIKING offers a choice of product packages and systems that are standard or tailor made, and certified to the latest requirements. The VIKING headquarters are located in Denmark. Our liferafts, marine evacuation systems and protective clothing are manufactured at production facilities in Denmark, Norway, Thailand and...

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about Viking We offer total concept service packages including competitive global pricing, handling specifications and service certificates. Our unique network of 270 certified servicing stations follows strict guidelines for servicing VIKING’s products.The network is supported by certified educational programmes, spare parts supplies and continually updated online information and manuals. Dedicated global production VIKING products are manufactured using a combination of modern technology and skilled manual labour. Certified servicing stations have the appropriate tools and spare parts...

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One safety solution. One global partner. VIKING SHIPO - Protecting people and business VIKING LIFe-SAVING equIPMeNT To find out more, visit or call your local VIKING office today. With a variety of fixed price payment and equipment exchange plans, they can make your job surprisingly easy. Trying to coordinate safety equipment servicing is a lot like a nightmare - only less predictable. But there’s help at hand. Our Shipowner Agreements are the industry’s most comprehensive, customizable and flexible managed servicing plans. They cover safety equipment from a dedicated...

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About VIKING Safety Packages Marine Evacuation Systems Liferafts, Boats, Davits and Accessories Personal Protective Equipment Polar Solutions Marine Fire Safety Equipment Lifebuoys, Ladders and Accessories Medical Equipment, First Aid & Emergency Packs SOLAS Survival Kits Global Service Products in this catalogue are sold by VIKING Life-Saving Equipment A/S, and manufactured by VIKING and others. Only those products explicitly called VIKING in the product name are manufactured by VIKING. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products or manufacturer may differ...

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complete safety packages Safety packages VIKING can supply full ship packages with products and related accessories. Here are some of the products that can be supplied. Let our experts help you put together the optimal safety package for your operation. Lifeboats Only upon request Immersion suits Page 28-31

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complete safety packages Fire fighting Page 51-53 Chemical protection Page 61-64 Loose fire fighting equipment Page 44-49 Slewing davits Page 23-24 Emergency Signs shower Page 82-83 Page 75 Loose fire fighting equipment Page 55-60 Fire extinguisher Page 51-53 Lifebuoys and accessories Page 65-69

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evacution systems Marine Evacuation Systems by VIKING VIKING marine evacuation systems(MES) are designed to evacuate passengers and crew as quickly and as safely as possible. VIKING can provide tailor made or standard mass evacuation to suit the individual customer requirement. The wide range of evacuation chutes, minichutes and slides means that VIKING is unique in providing evacuation systems to suit every type and type of vessels. VIKING Evacuation Dual Chute (VEDC) The evacuation dual chute, or VEDC, is VIKING’s highest capacity chute system with an evacuation capacity of 908 people in...

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evacution systems The VIKING Automatic Slide (VAS) The VIKING Evacuation Mini Slide (VEMS) The VIKING Evacuation Chute (VEC) VIKING has developed a 153-person, open reversible liferaft and mini slide system packed into a single aluminum stowage box. The real magic of the new system lies in its one-button, one-person release and operation. This system is designed for small vessels operating in any sea condition. The telescopic nature of the reinforced Kevlar evacuation chute ensures a safe descent path and compensates for ship and sea movements so that evacuation is not obstructed. The VAS...

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lIferafTS, lIfebOaTS, DaVITS aND aCCeSSOrIeS Liferafts, Lifeboats, VIKING’s throw-overboard and davitlaunchable liferafts are available in a standard version and a top of the line automatically self-righting version.

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lIferafTS, lIfebOaTS, DaVITS aND aCCeSSOrIeS Davits and Accessories The proven self-righting liferafts ensure that no matter how the liferaft lands in the water it will always right itself ready for boarding. Liferafts can be equipped with a hydrostatic release unit so that it inflates automatically if it has not been released manually. Liferafts are subjected to rough sea trials, wind velocity tests at forces of 30 metres per second and deployed at extremely low temperatures.

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