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LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING Superyacht Customized safety solutions -first class

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Complete safety solutions Let the safety experts help you put together the best combination of safety products for your yacht. A Pyrotechnics B C Liferafts / Systems D E Boats Davits EEDBs N C D F In the cabins In the cabins Hospital In the engine room E K F G F G

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WWW.VIKINGSAFETYSHOP.COM A H J M K B C D L SOLAS and MCA approved products! F G H I 103.037 MM Immersion suits: PS2004 and PS4170 J Fire suit packages Lifejackets: PV9320 K Stretcher L Ladder Fire equipment M Lifebuoys and accessories Signs N Helicopter Crash Kit

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING's throw-overboard and davit-launchable liferafts are available in a standard version and a top of the line, automatically self-righting version. VIKING Throw-overboard Liferaft ■ High durability with an expected lifespan of 15-20 years. Exceptionally stable even in extremely rough seas. Can be deployed even at very low temperatures ■ Two individual buoyancy chambers, each carrying capacity weight, so a puncture in one tube will not cause déstabilisation VIKING can also supply a custom evacuation system. Contact our Marine Evacuation specialists for more...

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Superyacht - 5

VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT All you need in lifebuoys and related equipment including lights, brackets, release units, line throwing devices and line, according to SOLAS regulations for life saving appliances. ■ Floating line for lifebuoy ■ Lifeline per metre (up to 200 metres) ■ Quick Release for lifebuoys ■ Five year life. No maintenance or replacement ■ 76 meter drop height, exceeding SOLAS requirement ■ Easy fitting and compact size ITEM NO.: 1036945 - SOLAS/MED approved Colour: white Accessories: white grabline and reflective panels Optional extras: lettering, special coating,...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Protective clothing VIKING offers a wide range of protective suits and lifejackets for all situations and weather conditions VIKING SOLAS Immersion/ Constant wear suit ■ Ideal for operations in both cold and warmer climates with choice of light or heavy zip-up thermal linings with integrated buoyancy foam ■ Lifting becket, buddy line, ■ Choice of footwear, gloves ■ Host of design extras, i.e. print on back, embroidered comply with the latest maximize protection against hypothermia and cold shock Neoprene Immersion Suit ■ Standard model, must approved lifejacket...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Inflatable lifejackets Top of the line models with customized options Design your own lifejacket The new series allows for complete integration of optional components. And with a selection of buoyancy, different closure types (buckles), cover materials, colours and a host of accessories, you can configure a lifejacket according to specific needs. SOLAS regulations All lifejackets must include a light, whistle, reflective tape, lifting strap, buddy line and two automatic inflation systems. For added safety VIKING has mounted a crotch strap on all lifejackets as...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Marine fire safety equipment Complete solutions with approved fire suits and related fire safety equipment on board. VIKING Two Piece NOMEX® Fire Suit ■ Quality fire suit with insulation for extra protection against radiant heat ■ Good comfort for extended wear MÊ fire fighting ■ Reflective trim, removable knee pads, radio and Complete fire hose package Atypical fire hose package consists of a hose cabinet with fire hose, coupling spanner, blanking cap and jet/spray 1036084 - Fire hose cabinet left side open ■ Filled with powder, foam, water or C02 ■ Stored...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT SOLAS marine fire package There are specific SOLAS/MED requirements for marine fire- fighting as well as flag state approval requirements. Contact your VIKING safety expert for more information. Fire proof safety line Fire helmet Visor for fire helmet Neck protection Self-contained breating apparatus (excl. cylinder) Spare cylinder for SCBA Fireman waistbelt Fireman gloves Long handled fireman axe Fire suit Fire boots

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Pyrotechnics are serious business, therefore VIKING only supplies the most reliable brands. Light Smoke Signal (MOB) ■ Used with lifebuoys in MOB situations ■ Includes lithium battery ■ Burn time: 2 hours ■ Light intensity: 2 candela Single Shot Line-throwing Device ■ 4 parachute rocket signals ■ 1 plastic watertight container

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Typical helicopter crash kit equipment used according to regulation CAP 437 for offshore helicopter landing areas. ITEM NO.: 1022202 ITEM NO.: 1017940 ITEM NO.: 1024212 Cylinder for SCBA Long fireman's axe. Wooden pole with Extenable ladder. Power cutting tool Hacksaw 12" with 6 spare blades VIKING fire glove (specify size) Pliers, side cutting Adjustable spanner, Harness knife

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Your source for maritime safety solutions First class safety solutions - from one point of contact Let our experts help you put together the optimal safety package for your yacht including evacuation systems, liferafts, high-gloss low profile containers, personal protective clothing, fire packages and LSA. You can even design your own lifejacket>>. Our services are backed by a unique global service network of 50 branch offices and 270 certified servicing stations across the globe. Order your free copy at: or contact your local VIKING office. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT...

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