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VIKING advantage A VIKING RescYou™ liferaft is full of features important to the serious sailor. We concentrate on details that improve visibility, make boarding easier and reduce possible discomforts. Our compact storage options don't get in the way. Flexible valises or high gloss fibre glass containers make easy and elegant storage on yachts of any Uncompromising and superior safety Select a VIKING RescYou™ liferaft from a leading expert in maritime safety. Our complete range of yachting I if erafts has been specifically developed with an uncompromising and superior safety until now only...

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VIKING life-saving equipment ● Yachtin 6 ● 9 ●● 11 12 ● 2 ● 7 ●● 1 ● 10 3 ● 8 ● 5 ● 4 You get all this with a VIKING liferaft: 1 ● The base material of every liferaft is the strong, yet flexible, natural rubber 2 ● Fluorescent yellow canopy enhances visibility from a distance 3 ● Two separate buoyancy chambers each capable of supporting the maximum amount of passengers ● Four 60 l. quick filling, weighted ballast bags offer maximum stability and 4 prevent capsizing in heavy seas ● SOLAS high-visibility retro-reflective tape on canopy, sides, buoyancy chambers 5 and under the liferaft 6 ●...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT The ultimate I if e raft for all types of sailing, where comfort and safety go hand in hand VIKING RescYou™ Pro is our top of the line leisure liferaft. It features generous space and headroom as well as all the details required by the serious sailor. The automatic self-righting function ensures that the liferaft is immediately ready for boarding. The curtained windows give an excellent view of the horizon without the need to open the canopy. The inflatable double floor works as a good insulation from the cold ocean. Features that reduce the risk of VIKING...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING RescYou The traditional I if e raft for cruising VIKING RescYou™ is the classic leisure liferaft in the VIKING quality. The large opening in the canopy and the inflatable ramp ensures swift and easy boarding. The insulated double floor, excellent ventilation and good views of the horizon all make the stay as There are no compromises on safety. The liferaft is naturally both ISO9650-1 certified, ISAF approved and 3rd party verified by BV as well as DNV. ' Height for liferaft in container includes cradle (approx. 2 cm)

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING RescYou™ Coastal The smart solution for coastal sailing near rescue points VIKING RescYou™ Coastal is the smart solution if you sail in coastal or inland waters near rescue points. Lightweight and easy to transport and fit on board. Exceeding demands for ISO 9650-2 approval, the design includes a wide range of important details, such as the automatically inflated canopy and an innovative ramp that makes boarding swift and easy to reduce The VIKING RescYou™ Coastal liferaft comes with a specifically designed coastal survival emergency pack that covers all...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Choosing your liferaft ■ Coastal sailing or longer voyages? ■ What climate will you be sailing in? ■ Boat races and regattas make special demands for the liferaft! ■ Which emergency pack fits my needs?

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Easy storage Choosing between a valise or container Storage decision depends on your vessel. If there is enough space on the deck or railing, we recommend that you mount a container for your VIKING liferaft. In an emergency, it is easy to get to the liferaft and The valise is a good solution when there isn't enough room to mount a container. It stores in a dry and stable area below deck or in a deck storage box. The valise is a portable solution when you want to take The container offers maximum protection against the elements. Mount the container on deck, railing, push The valise is...

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Liferaft Equipment ISO I ISO II Coastal SOLAS B Type E Content is based on a 6 person liferaft

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VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING Lifejackets Combining comfort and style with safety VIKING's yachting lifejackets are designed to look stylish, feel comfortable and protect. Slim and lightweight for all day wear and won't get in the way VIKING RescYou™ lifejackets combine quality craftsmanship with premium features. For extra durability all lifejackets are double-stitched and stainless steel buckles are corrosion resistant. Advanced materials and the wide waist band make VIKING lifejackets comfortable wear. Your safety is our bottom line. All lifejackets inflate in a matter of seconds,...

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The VIKING advantage VIKING is a market leader in maritime safety with over 50 years of experience, providing essential safety equipment for passenger & cargo vessels, offshore installations, defence and fire fighting industries, fishing and yachting vessels. VIKING products are supported by a unique global network of branch offices and authorised servicing stations. We work together as a team via our extensive information network. 1026993 - Yachting folder HQ - 02.2012 Contact your nearest VIKING office and hear more about what makes VIKING so special and how we can help you make the right...

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