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VIKING Defence We’re right beside you VIKING LIFe-SAVING equIPMeNT - Protecting people and business

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Helicopter Rescue

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VIKING Defence Discover the VIKING advantage Life-saving equipment is serious business, even more so in the world of the armed forces. Being sure of your life-saving equipment partner is just as important as the products on board. With our worldwide network VIKING is there for you when you need it. Competences VIKING has more than five decades of experience in supplying first class safety equipment to the most demanding of sectors; our products protect the lives of defence personnel worldwide as you, protect us. Customized solutions We customize product packages, systems and service...

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Navy Liferafts Top of the line self-righting liferafts Every second is critical when evacuating a ship at sea. Our top of the line self-righting liferaft for naval forces ensures that no matter how the liferaft inflates in the water, it will always right itself, ready for boarding. Special features for navy liferafts - Boarding ramps designed according to navy personnel requirements - Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) lights for search and rescue operations - Fragmentation resistant containers - Radar signal reducing paint - Inflated and raised floor for comfort and protection against...

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Liferafts for all situations Direct Boarding Liferafts/IBA’s (DKS, DKR) Available in sizes 25, 51,101,153 as either as open reversible large capacity liferafts or as self-righting canopied liferafts. Mounted on racks on board and normally released from cradles with a remote release system. Direct evacuation from the deck to the liferaft. Navy Liferafts for Injured Personnel Designed for rescue and transfer of injured personnel, this liferaft is built with space for several stretchers. Providing extra comfort for those with injuries. Submarine Liferafts Compact design for navy submarines....

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VIKING Navy Evacua VIKING’s innovative chute and slide systems provide fast and easy evacuation, exceptional stability and are trusted by naval personnel worldwide. Lightweight and compact, they are fully contained in the storage unit for installation almost anywhere on board. We have the widest range of systems on the market and can match any ship design and capacity. The ideal chute solution for high sided navy vessels. Designed to maximize desk space. Additional liferafts can be stored in remote locations and released at the evacuation point. Easy removal for servicing. Fully approved...

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uation Systems See a chute system launch VENOC High capacity evacuation system for special purpose vessels VENOC is the most flexible evacuation chute system available for vessels today. It can be used at evacuation heights between 5-45 metres and copes with list conditions of up to 20º. VIKING SES Basic Means of descent to sea level Basic escape system for fixed installations up to 30 meters. Small, lightweight container appropriate for tight spaces. Operational in air temperatures from -20º to +65º. Standard capacity of boarding platform 25 persons, expandable with additional...

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Immersion Suits From top of the line SOLAS approved suits with extra durability and extended protection including built-in buoyancy and extra thermal barrier, to basic SOLAS approved non-insulated suits for dry and effective protection that require lifejackets.

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Dual-Purpose Suits Anti-Exposure/ Constant Wear Suits Immersion and work suits in one for extended wear. Ideal for operations in cold or warm climates with a choice of light or heavy zip-in lining. Extra reinforcements in knee, thigh and seat areas. Suits for Special Navy Operations For special needs, we also offer e.g. one size fits all Quick Donning Anti-Exposure Suits (QDAS) in compact bags for stowage in tight spaces and fire resistant constant wear suits that protect against hypothermia. Constant Wear Suits A wide range for all applications, including SAR and MOB crew. High...

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Fire suits VIKING offers a wide range of extended wear lifejackets for all needs and weather conditions. From standard solid or inflatable lifejackets for basic needs, to top of the line for special conditions such as extra buoyancy when carrying extra weight and built-in rebreathers for helicopter transport. Fire fighting is tough business and your protective clothing shouldn’t make it any tougher. All VIKING fire suits and related accessories focus on thermal protection and reducing heat stress through innovative design including use of quality fabrics and layers. Low profile pouch covers...

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Safety packages Complete range of safety equipment VIKING can supply full ship packages with products and related accessories. We also supply an extensive range of specialized pilot suits, combination flight and immersion suits and transportation suits for land and air based operations. Let our experts help you put together the optimal safety package for your operations. Breathing apparatus Chemical protection Fire cabinets Emergency shower Slewing davits Loose fire fighting equipment Portable fire fighting equipment Immersion suits Fire extinguishers

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En line tekst her med beskrivelse VIKING AGREEMENT One safety solution. One global partner. A safety solution tailored to your operation The concept is designed to help you focus on your business. You can choose among its many options to free your mind from worries about service due dates, multiple vendor planning, fluctuating servicing costs and other administrative tasks. And get added peace of mind with a single point of contact for your servicing needs across the globe. VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT A/S . Saedding Ringvej 13 . DK-6710 Esbjerg V . Denmark Tel...

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