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VETUS catalogue 2017 - 2018

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VETUS, CREATORS OF BOAT SYSTEMS VETUS was founded in 1964 and started out as a wholesale business. Our goals back then have not changed: to be the leading company in innovative systems and products for pleasure boats and light duty commercial vessels. Our mission is accomplished but that does not keep us from being in constant pursuit of supplying the best solutions and products for our customers. VETUS will remain the creator of innovative and reliable boat systems! Our brands VETUS More than 3700 high quality products Over 70% of our quality products are partly or completely developed...

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VETUS, CREATORS OF BOAT SYSTEMS We take our responsibilities very seriously VETUS is ISO 9001 certified, meaning that we guarantee our quality by working according to certain established guidelines and processes which we monitor continuously. We are committed to delivering quality and service. This important certificate is a confirmation of our commitment. Below you will find the organisations that have been accredited by a European Union Member State to assess whether our products meet established standards through assessment, inspection and examination of a product, its design and...

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Cooling water strainer, type CWS See page 51 Twin coil boiler, type WHT See page 137 Heavy Duty Waterlock, type HPW See page 90 Water lubrication connection, type ZWBKIT See page 71 No smell filter element, type NSFCANS See page 129 Drinking water system, type DWSC See page 136 6 Want to know more? Visit Fuel filter hose connectors See page 124

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Retractable bow thruster RIMDRIVE Battery charger, type BC See page 209 Universal inspection port for tanks, type ILT See page 128, 141 and 159 Heavy duty rope chain series, type RC12HD Capstand model See page 294 See page 349 Creators of Boat Systems

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SERVICE & DISTRIBUTION NETWORKHead office and subsidiaries APAC Asia Pacific United States VETUS MAXWELL AMERICA (Head office for North, Middle and South America and the Caribbean) Tel.: +1 410 712 0740 Fax: +1 410 712 0985 Want to know more? Visit

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United States VETUS -MAXWELL America (Head office for North and South America and the Carribbean) Tel.: +1 410 712 0740 Fax: +1 410 712 0985 Creators of Boat Systems

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SERVICE & DISTRIBUTION NETWORK East and Africa Want to know more? Visit

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SERVICE & DISTRIBUTION NETWORK EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa Jordan see United Arab Emirates Kuwait VETUS see United Arab Emirates MAXWELL Al Sabih Marine Equipment Company Tel.: +965 24835228 Fax: +965 24819672 Latvia VETUS Oy Tel.: +358 207756740 Lebanon see United Arab Emirates Lithuania VETUS Oy Tel.: +358 207756740 Malta Gauci Borda & Co. Ltd. Tel.: +356 21 340 491 Tel.: +356 21 313 758 Fax: +356 21 343 604 Creators of Boat Systems

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UNIQUE 3 YEAR WARRANTY VETUS equipment VETUS offers an industry leading 3 year warranty on all equipment and a 5 year warranty on engines. Your interests are the most important consideration for VETUS. We want you to enjoy life on the water and not be let down by technical failure. We want you to have confidence in your boat and the equipment on board. This is the starting point for the development of all new and existing VETUS products. Naturally quality, innovation, ease of use and ease of installation are equally important for every product developed. Besides a world beating warranty,...

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INTRODUCING VETUS ENGINES Marine Diesel Engines Most pleasure boat owners long for the moment they can set foot aboard. Work is forgotten and other worries vanish into the air. That sense of happiness is complete, when the engine comes to life with a healthy roar. The owner of a power or sailing boat with a VETUS engine is in a position to enjoy every moment on the water to the max, and that is the way it should be: check the oil and water filter, turn the key, let go the lines and off you go! Whether you own a sturdy two cylinder with sail drive or a whispering six cylinder beauty, a VETUS...

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F-LINE This range of modern high-speed common-rail diesel engines is suitable for planing and semi-planing high speed boats. They are compact, reliable, light weight and very fuel efficient. The power-to-weight ratios are excellent combined with high torque outputs. Due to the small overall dimensions, they are ideal for replacing existing petrol (gasoline) engines. Available with gearbox or sterndrive. The new VETUS D-Line common-rail engines are ideal for heavy displacement boats. They are slow running and exceptionally smooth, making them the engine of choice where long distance cruising...

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M-LINE M-Line engines are quiet running, highly fuel-efficient, reliable and offer high power and torque output. The fuel systems are automatically self-bleeding, a great convenience after a fuel filter replacement. All engines are equipped with a high output marine alternator as standard for fast recharging of batteries. A second alternator is available as an option on all type M4 engines. And there is more….! INNOVATION Engine space temperature reduction The heat build-up in engine spaces can easily reach temperatures of 70°C. High ambient temperatures in the engine space can have...

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M-LINE M2.13 • • 8.8 kW/ 12 HP technical specifications Supplied as standard with instrument panel type MP10B12 (see page 105) four flexible engine mountings type KSTEUN25V (see page 48) and an oil sump pump. All VETUS engines are certified according ISO 8178-1 Engine model Creators of Boat Systems

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