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DILUENTE 6780 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Product description Thinners are volatile liquids used to dissolve paint components, reduce viscosity and enhance the product application. The proper thinner evaporation allows the correct drying of the paint promoting the formation of an homogeneous film .Therefore, the correct use of a thinner is very important to obtain a homogeneous film. Thinner 6780 is recommended for Gel Gloss Pro, Polyrex Pro, Wood Gloss dilution; only to clean tools used during Adherglass and Fibrodur application. Product information Finish Colour Specific gravity Flash point VOC (average calculated content) Packaging Storage It is recommended to avoid exposure to air and extreme temperatures. To maximize the shelf life in the can, it is worth checking that the container is well closed during the storage and the temperature is between 10° C and 35° C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Rev. August 2019 Veneziani Yachting A Brand of Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A. - Used under licence of Colorificio Zetagi S.r.l. Via Macaggi 19 - 16121 Genova, Italia - Tel. +39 010 55001 - Fax +39 010 500.291 -

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DILUENTE 6780 - 2

DILUENTE 6780 TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Safety rules Observe the provisions of DPR 303 and 547. Avoid contact with the skin, for example. Operate in well ventilated places and, if in closed areas, use vacuum cleaners, fans and air conveyors. During application, use appropriate protections (masks, gloves, glasses, etc.). Before using, read sections 7-8 of the SDS. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE DISPOSAL OF PRODUCTS AND PACKAGING Empty packaging that contained products: Dispose of empty packaging according to the requirements of the waste disposal law, for example by taking them to the recycling centre....

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