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Electromagnetic Speed Log

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Compact Type Approved Walker 4O&0 Mk2 is a compiici LM Speed LOR IOÍ smaller vessels whkh require it "Wheeimniked" Mfp Type Approved system in .1 minimal package reducing the size and number or sub-units required. fhjs n-sulK in ,] smaller. lighter system which is simpler to install. The -402(1 combines the electronics unit wiih the speed and distance iudicalor in one master unit winch may be console or bracket High reliability sensors, flush fitting. fixed and retractable types housed in hull fittings suitable for various hull materials, such as aluminium alloy, steel, CRP and wood. • hull compatibility Willi inosl Walker ilush titling, fixed PI regulable speed lop sensors and hull r'Lltlngs, • Digiti Speed and Dislalici' Kun displays by reel LED diminablc indica lors. § Multipoint speed calibration as speeds from up lo fid knots. ft Removable keypad *t allbra.iòr". • Built-in Speed Simulator. outputs to other ship systems, standard -optional). ■> Simple to install, operate and • EM Speed LOK technology drawn from over 1(1 years' experience; CRLIBRRTION KEYPRO Krnmvahlr fcevpad i alihrat<n Proven Accuracy and Reliability MARINE INSTRUMENTS

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