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Stylish stainless steel bezel design, black on white graphics, accurate and reliable, these tough instruments look good on all types of boat. Domed glass sheds water and resists scratching. A comprehensive family of instruments for outboards, stern drives and inboards, including diesels! Lido instruments feature crisp white dials and fire-orange pointer tips. Red through-dial and white perimeter lighting is provided for great night readability. Lido offers coverage for popular OB and I/O applications. Scratch-resistant domed glass lenses US and metric scales with ISO symbols Enhanced illumination Optional add-on eyebrow bezels Polished stainless steel, near flush bezels Available for most outboards, stern drives and diesel engines Available standard & fog-resistant lenses (complies with SAE j-1810) VEETHREE ELECTRONICS 2050 47th Terrace East Bradenton, FL 34203

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Lido Line - 2

Lido Size Connector Type SS Domed Bzl Standard Lens SS Domed Bzl Anti-fog Lens Blank Gauge Cylinder Head Temp Kit (Requires 66549K kit) Fuel Level 240 - 33 ohms - US Type Stud Deutsch Metri-Pack Fuel Level 10 - 180 ohm - EU Type Oil Pressure 240 - 33 ohmm - US Type Stud Deutsch Metri-Pak Stud Deutsch Metri-Pak Speedometer - Pitot (display head only) Speedometer - GPS (display head only) Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch Deutsch Ordering Information Digital Depth (display head) Transducer Engine Monitors VEETHREE ELECTRONICS 2050 47th Terrace East Bradenton, FL 3420

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Lido Line - 3

Lido Ordering Information Connector Type GPS Receiver - 4’ harness GPS Receiver - 25’ harness Connector Kit (required for 25’ harness) SS Domed Bzl Standard Lens SS Domed Bzl Anti-fog Lens Tachometer - Outboards and 4 cycle gas IO & Inboards Stud Deutsch Metri-Pak Tachometer - Diesel Alternator Tach/Hourmeter - Diesel Alternator Stud Deutsch Metri-Pak Tach/Hourmeter - Outboards and 4 cycle gas IO & Inboards Stud Deutsch Metri-Pak Tachometer with BRP systems check Tachometer with Suzuki Warning Light Trim - Evinrude/Johnson/Suzuki 4 stroke ‘02 & on UP-DN UP-DN UP-DN Stud Deutsch Metri-Pak...

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Lido Line - 4

The heart of the Veethree electrical instrument is the Vector air-core movement. This simple, durable movement was pioneered for the harsh marine and industrial environments. The Vector movement utilizes a permanent magnet that rotates magnetically in an electrical field. All coil windings and attachments are designed to withstand extremes in vibration, temperature, humidity and salt spray. The electrical studs are tin plated to minimize corrosion in the marine environment. The magnet/spindle assembly is surrounded by a dampening fluid to reduce pointer bounce, especially those generated by...

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Lido Line - 5

Lido Dimensions A - Bezel Diameter / B - Gauge Housing Diameter C - Distance from Back Edge of Bezel to End of Longest Compoment / D - Bezel and Lens Combines Protrusion from Dash Studs All Domed & Elite Profile Styles 2" All Electrical Gauges (excluding Honda Trim) 2" Engine Monitor - Suzuki® 2" Mechanical Pressure Gauges 2" Systems Check - Evinrude® 3" Electric Tach/Hourmeters Counter Wheel 3" Marine Pitot-Type Speedos 5" Marine Pitot-Type Speedos Single Function Connector Options Deutsch for GPS Speedo Pin A Red Pin B Blue Pin C Black Stud connections shown on back of gauge For...

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