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VEEM Gyro for Superyachts

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Less Motion... More Ocean...

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About VEEM LTD Founded in 1968, VEEM is a sophisticated marine products manufacturer, operating from its dedicated head office and production facility in Western Australia. Welcome to a new era of superyacht stabilisation. Let us show you how you can be more comfortable. They say every great company has a story – one that captures the essence of the business and its culture. VEEM Ltd is no exception. From modest beginnings as a small machine shop specialising in the repair and dynamic balancing of drive shafts and other rotating equipment, the company has grown to become a leading global...

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More locations... Some of the world’s most incredible, unspoilt locations are only accessible by boat, while others are simply more impressive when viewed from the water. Some are found in tranquil inlets and coves, whereas others can be more exposed to waves and strong currents. More enjoyment... VEEM Gyros offer up to 95 per cent roll attenuation while at anchor – ensuring you get to dine in comfort; soaking in the view without the rolling motion ruining the experience for you and your guests. VEEM Gyros let you open up your anchorage options by eliminating annoying rolling motion,...

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More adventure... VEEM Gyro gives you the freedom to explore every corner of the globe in total comfort and free from annoying rolling motion. With a VEEM Gyro installation, being limited to common sailing routes and destinations is a thing of the past. You can now seek out those incredible, remote or exposed locations - safe in the knowledge that wherever you find anchorage, your adventure will be free from excessive rolling motion. Explore, experience and discover...comfortably.

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More peace of mind... Some of the most popular activities while on a superyacht involve enjoying the water around the vessel. Whether swimming, snorkelling or diving around the boat, whilst in the water the safety of your guests must be assured. This is especially important if the yacht is available for charter. Unlike zero speed fin systems, with VEEM Gyro stabilisation, the entire system is located within the yacht, with no large external appendages posing a potential danger to swimmers, divers or marine life in the vicinity.

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More memories… Those moments of happiness, experienced whilst enjoying the hard won fruits of our endeavours, create lasting memories that we carry forever. You can now ensure that these experiences are enriched by the higher levels of safety and comfort that are provided by a VEEM Gyro.

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More speed... Less fuel... More efficient... The efficiency with which a yacht cuts through the water is becoming ever more critical to discerning owners as they strive to minimise impact on the environment, and manage rising fuel costs. VEEM Gyros provide a powerful roll stabilising torque without any additional drag. For many applications a significant top speed increase and fuel efficiency gain can be realised simply by selecting a VEEM Gyro rather than external fin based systems. Considerable R&D effort and expense is often associated with propeller and shaft-line design, analysis and...

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More innovative engineering... Innovative engineering, a passion for design excellence and a demonstrated commitment to market leading manufacturing quality are core vales at VEEM and these values shine through the VEEM Gyro products. The vacuum chamber and base frame structure of the VEEM Gyro range are cast from an internally blended advanced aluminium alloy that benefits from the company’s in-house metallurgy centre, certified materials testing laboratory, and world class non-ferrous foundry. The result is unrivalled structural integrity coupled with incredibly light weight. The rotating...

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Accumulator Hyd Manifold Grease Cannister Spin Motor Drive Hyd Oil Cooler Hyd Cylinders Vacuum Chamber Glycol Cooler Cable Chain More flexible... VEEM Gyros have been specifically designed to enable flexible placement within the vessel. Any number of gyros can be installed and they can be located anywhere with adequate structural support – typically on a longitudinal girder or a transverse frame. Unlike other gyrostabilisation systems, VEEM’s Gyros do not need to be located on the vessel’s centreline or located low in the vessel. For the naval architect this provides flexibility on...

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More technology... VEEM Gyros are actively controlled vertical axis gyro stabilisers delivering excellent rolling motion attenuation while the vessel is at anchor, drifting, alongside, loitering or at transit speed. VEEM Gyros reduce rolling motions by up to an amazing 95% depending on the wave environment and vessel characteristics. VEEM Gyros will work seamlessly with other motion stabilisation systems, autopilot, dynamic positioning or heave compensation systems without any software interfacing. The size and performance of the system depends upon the level of stabilisation desired, the...

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More options... The required size and performance of any stabilisation system depends upon the vessel characteristics and expected usage. Vessel length is not usually a good basis for appropriately sizing a gyro. A more accurate method is calculated from the vessel’s displacement, beam and GMt (transverse metacentric height). There are four models in the VEEM Gyro range. A single gyro installation is almost always the most cost effective and technically efficient. However multiple units or even a combination of model sizes may be attractive options for reasons of redundancy or space...

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More support... From your first contact with the VEEM Gyro team you will notice a commitment to thoughtful, straightforward pre-sales advice and support from experienced experts in the field. Our aim is to ensure that your yacht is characterised by exceptional roll stability, at speed and at rest. All VEEM Gyros come with a comprehensive after sales support package and three-year warranty period. Following the warranty period, technical support is available within the scope of a tailored maintenance contract or on an ad hoc basis. VEEM Gyrostabilisers have been developed to require very...

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