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ContiSys Scan

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Many different uses – even for older vehicle models. in llrounder The new a stics. gno vehicle dia OBD connection cables for an extended operating range ContiSys Scan – Ford – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513462 ContiSys Scan – Land Rover – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513463 ContiSys Scan – Land Rover ABS cable VDO prod. code A2C59513464 ContiSys Scan – Rover – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513465 ContiSys Scan – VW LT35 – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513466 ContiSys Scan – OPEL 10-Pin cable VDO prod. code A2C59513467 ContiSys Scan – Renault – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513468 ContiSys Scan – BMW – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513469 Continental Trading GmbH Sodener Str. 9 65824 Schwalbach Germany Phone: +49 6196 87-0 Fax: +49 6196 86571, VDO – A Trademark of the Continental Corporation ContiSys Scan – PSA 2-Pin cable VDO prod. code A2C59513470 ContiSys Scan – Mercedes Sprinter cable VDO prod. code A2C59513471 ContiSys Scan – VAG 2-Pin cable VDO prod. code A2C59513472 ContiSys Scan – Mercedes 38-Pin – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513473 ContiSys Scan – Fiat – OBD cable VDO prod. code A2C59513479 ContiSys Scan – 12V battery cable VDO prod. code A2C59513577 A2C59513521 I Continental Trading GmbH I English © 2010 Printed in Germany Software Update Service ContiSys Update Plus – Scan VDO prod. code A2C59513478 The information provided in this brochure contains only general descriptions or performance characteristics which may not always apply in actual applications in the manner described and/or which can change as a result of the further development of the product. The information contained here is merely a technical description of the product and is especially not intended to guarantee any spe­ cific quality or service life. An obligation to provide desired chara­ c ter­stics only exists if this has been expressly agreed in the terms i of contract. The right is reserved to alter the delivery options and make technical changes without prior notice. ContiSys Scan. High-p

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Easy to handle – suits everyday workshop situations. Tests reliably – scores additional points through performance. Everyday tasks in the workshops of today place high demands on technical equipment. Fast and comprehensive control unit diagnos­ tics has become standard in the meantime, which means that a high-performance, easyto-use test device is an indispensible piece of workshop equipment. The key features are: • ECU diagnostics extensive live data • Injector-classification • Key-re-programming ECU-re-configuration As a market novelty, the Contisys Scan convin­ ces users through the wide...

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