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Being the #1 On The Water™ means leading the From products to service, to customer satisfaction, Mercury outperforms the competition at every turn. Take Verado® for example. Only Mercury offers an exclusive engine concept that delivers the best two-stroke performance in a four-stroke package, with convenience-enhancing features that make every boat ride a unique experience. If your passion is water sports then Mercury OptiMax® is your power of choice. Mercury OptiMax, rewarded for the third year in a row by JD Power and Associates for customer satisfaction, delivers two-stroke performance...

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Like an eagle gliding through the air, Verado jets you through the water like no other engine will ever do. Its unique look exudes pure perfection and its stealth operation puts your boating perfectly in tune with the beautiful colours of the surrounding water. Verado is also a winner that lets you fully enjoy your time on the water. Breathtaking top speed and acceleration for when you like going to extremes, or ultra smooth operation to enjoy relaxing moments.

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Verado is much more than just an outboard motor, it's a way of life. Being Verado means standing out from the crowd and leading the way. You area winner who takes risks and is always ahead of others. You like going to extremes and never accept second best. All these values can be found in Verado. On the water

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the most advanced power Before Verado, conventional four-stroke outboards Mercury Verado also exceeds the requirements of were reliable, but disappointing on performance. the stringent European Recreational Craft Directive Mercury changed that when it introduced the in terms of exhaust emission and noise levels. With revolutionary four-stroke Verado. Verado is the Mercury Verado you keep the water blue and the ultimate four-stroke engine by combining air clean. supercharged performance with unmatched driving experience, precise control and reliability.

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225 / 250 / 300 • Supercharger • SmartCraft® with Engine Guardian™ • High-Performance Alternator • Cradle-Mount Design • Inline Design • Advanced MidSection (AMS) • Intake Sound Attenuator • Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering • Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) • 5-Year Warranty* * ive-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. F Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

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power, beauty and innovation, The idea behind Verado ? Make it the fastest, most fuel-efficient and highest innovative outboard in Much like the six-cylinder model, the four-cylinder Verado is futuristic when it comes to producing unbeatable power and a previously unimagined boating experience. Automotive-like responsiveness, remarkable acceleration and unbeatable torque combined with industry- leading reliability and optional power steering to create a driving experience comparable to the performance of our six-cylinder Verado. Our four-cylinder Verado is unlike any outboard you've ever...

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135 / 150 / 175 / 200 • Supercharger • SmartCraft Compatible • High-Performance Alternator • Heavy Duty Gearcase • lectronically controlled sequential E multi-port fuel injection • Patented Dual Water Inlets • 2-stage Intake Resonator • 5-Year Warranty* • Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) * ive-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. F Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.

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SmartCraft digital instruments & controls SmartCraft Integrated Marine Technology can integrate all boat and engine functions into an easily managed system. SmartCraft maximizes performance and delivers a greater sense of security with innovative features like Engine Guardiana proactive operator-warning system that alerts you to anything unusual. Mercury's exclusive SmartCraft engine- management system automatically adjusts the engine for optimum performance in all conditions, and provides continuous information to the helm... SmartCraft is available on all Mercury Verado, OptiMax plus...

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The SmartCraft range also offers innovative features like Troll Control™ , which takes the throttle work out of fishing – even in large wells. Mercury’s unique DTS controls use the latest “fly-by-wire” technology to make shifting gears instantaneous and silky-smooth. Engine Guardian monitoring uses over 40 sensors for advanced engine trouble-shooting, and is designed to protect an overstressed engine by automatically reducing engine power. DTS provides lightning-fast throttle response, easier and more controllable docking manoeuvres, plus no more cable adjustments. DTS eliminates the effort...

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optimum efficiency, maximum eco-friendly OptiMax delivers maximum performance with minimum emissions, even compared to many four-stroke engines in the same power class. OptiMax produce high intensity power and acceleration with low noise levels and clean-burning fuel efficiency.

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No Direct Fuel Injected engine has seen more use, testing or success than Mercury OptiMax. It's not surprising that OptiMax repeatedly leads every DI category in power, fuel efficiency, It all adds up to a complete line of power units that deliver more and deliver better. OptiMax can save considerably on fuel expenses, even compared to many four-stroke engines in the same power class. Lighter than four-strokes in their class, the OptiMax models offer power-to-weight advantages on every boat and feature excellent acceleration and overall performance. Remarkably, OptiMax also trolls at lower...

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In 2008, Mercury OptiMax was ranked for the third year in a row as the leader in customer satisfaction with 2-stroke outboard engines by Uses 45% less fuel compared to 2-stroke outboards, provides turn-key starting and smoke free operation. > Low-pressure Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) Less stress on components than competitive DFI outboards resulting in greater reliability and longer engine life. More power to keep your batteries charged all > Compact engine block Lightweight, best out-of-hole acceleration and For maximum combustion efficiency, minimum fuel usage and low emissions. '...

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