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Fro m 2.5 to 3 00 HP FourStroke - Verado - OptiMax

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Reliability needn’t be dull 2

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At Mariner we never forget the reasons why people choose boating as a hobby. No other sport offers you more possibilities to have fun than boating. Whether you like cruising, fish, ski, snorkel or diving, sunbath, swim, explore or just get away from daily life, Since you buy a boat for the fun of it, it's important to specify an outboard engine that will help you get the most pleasure from your preferred boating experience. Mariner outboards will ensure you have complete confidence and peace of mind to relax and Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions...

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The most recent entries in the Mariner which carry on the tradition of offering big motor features with small motor economy. Lightweight yet durable materials make these engines easier than ever to handle while water-cooling with thermostatic control provides for dependable, reliable operation. Ease of use is ensured thanks to features such as a twist-grip throttle on the tiller and a manual choke which makes cold Add the largest displacement powerhead in the class and you've got the complete solution to reliable and dependable family • CDI Ignition offers maintenance-free dependability and...

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Bigger isn't always better as inf¡atables, tenders and small boats prove with their easy mobility. So, wherever the mood takes you, there's a Mariner four-stroke The 8, 9.9,15 and 20 hp models are loaded with typical Mariner features, which translate into smooth, problem-free and economical operation, all with low emissions and terrific fuel Safety, dependability and ease of use as demonstrated by the multi-function tiller handle, are Mariner hallmarks. • Enhanced fuel primer and manual choke deliver instant starts every time • Visual low pressure warning system. • Clean and efficient, with...

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ujcight equals more No longer will boaters feel let down by a lack of features on smaller engines because these recently introduced Mariner Thanks to the application of new technology, the 30 and 25 EFI are considerably lighter than their predecessors, thereby providing better boat balance and improved handling. With electronic fuel injection providing smoother, cleaner running, these pioneering new small engines also offer improved torque and outstanding fuel economy. As you would expect of Mariner, the pioneering application of EFI in this class brings with it further improved reliability...

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NGUJ IGVGIS of fuel efficiency

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Buying a mid-range Mariner four-stroke means you're buying more because our SO, SO and 40 hp motors also feature proven electronic fuel injection which offers renowned fuel efficiency and smooth, quiet operation. For added durability and push, BigFoot models feature a taller gearcase and 33% larger components. Just the job for bigger Naturally, all these outboards are SmartCraft-ready and are equipped with turn-key starting for fast and reliable ignition. Never has Mariner dependability looked or sounded so good. • Designed for durability, strength and corrosion resistance, the driveshaft,...

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More pure pleasure th< mid-range Four-Strokes simply build on the awesome reputation of the previous All the established advantages of the fuel-efficient EFI system are retained, but now with even greater long-term reliability achieved by sharing engine architecture with the supercharged Verado outboards. The effortless power supply is smoother and quieter than ever, thanks to the rigid engine and use of acoustic foam within the re-styled cowl. It all adds up to even greater enjoyment on the water. • Special bearings with a pressurized lubrication system reduce wear. • Audio warning system...

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Bringing neui Mid-range models do not equate to reduced satisfaction for Mariner owners, because models also offer supercharged These four-cylinder outboards are endowed with all the sophistication of their bigger siblings: supercharged technology for rocket-fast hole shot, powerful punch and blazing top-end speed. Above all, these motors feature a level of dependability which reflects the intensive development and testing that is a hallmark of Mariner engineering. Never has so much fun been offered with such assurance. • Verado is the most proven marine power ever produced with more than •...

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Providing pou/er with absolute control Achieving the highest standards is nothing new for Mariner, but even diehard boating fans were moved to acclaim the supercharged six-cylinder Verado models Ever-recognising that power without purpose is an exercise in futility, Mariner endowed the high-tech Verado range with unheard of levels of durability combined with silent and clean running, and a level of sophistication which appeals to serious powerboat users, worldwide. Ultimately, Verado is all about integrated propulsion, which blends power and responsiveness through SmartCraft Digital...

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Optimum reliability, maximum durability OptiMax can provide effective, economical and reliable power in the shape of the direct fuel injection 75, 90 and 115 hp Lightweight and a broad power band provide full enjoyment, which is backed up by economical, smooth, and extremely quiet Add unsurpassed reliability and you'll understand why OptiMax 1.5L models are the choice of boaters who demand absolute dependability and economy of operation. • Rigorous testing results in an engine that will run at optimum efficiency and last for many years. • Designed for durability, strength and corrosion...

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if you've switched on to the concept of power and efficiency, it's time to switch on Years of experience have been channelled into designing a two-stroke DFI which allows you to spend all day on the water with your family without having to worry about fuel consumption or reliability issues. Now with the addition of SmartCraft technology, further fuel savings can be effected by operating the motor in its optimum spot. Thanks to their light weight, the 3.0L and 2.5L OptiMax motors provide excellent power and manoeuvrability, not to mention an ideal powerband for pulling tube riders or skiers....

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