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maritim Sailing and motor yachts, SAR vessels coastguards, patrol and naval ships New waste packaging for sailing and motor yachts! The worry free disposal of maritim waste includes its packaging, transport and disembarkment. Depending on requirements, vacompact can be used for centralized waste collection or multiple waste stations. Vacompact integrated frontloader fits in any kitchen or bar counter. Food waste and leftovers can be collected odourless until disposal on land. Perfect also for trouble-free packaging of sanitary waste, dirty laundry, workwear, cleaning wastes or oil-stained rag Vacompact frontloader 60 litres ▪ Odourless and antibacterial waste compaction Waste volume reduction up to 50 % Hygienic disinfection in airtight trash bags User-friendly operation in just two minutes Compact dishwasher dimensions Safe waste storage in any available space Energy saving: only 0,018 KW per 60 litres waste Easy installation via power connection Environment friendly waste treatment Cost-Saving Waste Storage ▪ The vacuuming and reducing of waste volume by up to 50% creates free space capacity The airtight waste packaging by vacompact requires no interim storage in cold rooms. Tear resistant vacompact trash bags can be stored in any storage or engine rooms The storage is flexible in time and without evasion of odours Reduction of investment and energy costs for cooling chambers The costs of waste disposal on land decrease up to 50%, if calculated according to volume Vacompact GmbH Herzogstraße 23 D - 80803 München Phone +49 (0)89 30764245 DISTRIBUTION NETHERLANDS UK & BENELUX Nicoverken Marine Services B.V. Algerastraat 20 NL - 3125 BS Schiedam Phone: +31 10 238 0964 marine@ni

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maritim Sailing and motor yachts, SAR vessels coastguards, Patrol and Naval ships Vacompact ensures odourless, space saving and environment friendly packaging of maritime waste. The vacuum-process stops disturbing side-effects of waste on board. Ranging from waste collection, storage and disposal. For the integration and retrofitting in the maritim sector the device has been adapted to the narrow door openings in yachts, ships and boats. Technical Details vacompact maritim 60 L 60 litres waste volume per vacuum process ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ Integrable installation. Waste collection inside the...

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