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All you could wish for in a vacuum system - Better vacuum systems for better composites J © Rugged, leak-tight manifold (5) Critical joints - double locked and sealed (5) Height reduces for transport (5) Continuous duty rated vacuum pump © Optional vacuum line for highest quality infusions (D Resin supply (normally situated BELOW the part) (5) Vacuum line - Can be very short to reduce consumable costs ® Integral resin trap Tubing connections - O-ring sealed on outside of tube, to reduce resin build-up ® Vacuum level control - from 20% to 99% vacuum Vacmobiles are proven to be reliable and convenient sources of vacuum for resin infusion, prepreg and other composites applications. Here's why ... Vacmobiles generate vacuum at the point of use - allowing short vacuum lines & better vacuum in the part. Vacmobiles only need single phase power and may be taken close to the work, allowing short vacuum lines. Short vacuum lines cut consumable costs, reduce leakage and cycle times and improve product quality. Having the vacuum source close to the work simplifies process control and work scheduling. Floor clutter is reduced and safety improved. Vacmobiles are easily run off single phase generators, allowing them to be used for composite repairs and construction in remote areas. Vacmobiles are simple and inexpensive to maintain. All parts of a Vacmobile requiring service are easily accessible. In plants with multiple Vacmobiles, individual units can be serviced one at a time without disrupting the entire plant. Far more cost effective and versatile than central vacuum pump and ring main systems. Unlike compressed air, vacuum is not easily shared between duties requiring different vacuum levels. In plants with multiple vacuum applications at various vacuum levels, the capital cost of multiple Vacmobiles can be much less than that of a central system delivering the required performance to all duties. In large plants, the use of multiple Vacmobiles can lead to significant operating cost savings through reduced energy consumption and simplified job sharing. Providing back-up power for a few critical Vacmobiles will be much less expensive than providing back-up power for a large central system. Easily adapted to a variety of vacuum applications. When not required for bagging or infusion, Vacmobiles can be used for other vacuum applications such as vacuum holding parts to be trimmed, for lifting parts from moulds and for veneer pressing. Because Vacmobiles are independent systems, each one can be operated at the optimum vacuum level and at any time to suit its specific application without affecting vacuum levels elsewhere. Job scheduling becomes much simpler. Vacmobiles are robust and easy to use, and reliably offer individually adjustable vacuum levels to better than 98%. All models utilize rugged aluminum manifold blocks. These, with careful attention to all construction details, ensure leak tight joints over a long working life. Vacuum level control - which is crucial for many composites applications - is built-in. Many aspects of the composites industry are changing rapidly and Vacmobiles are ideally suited to changing needs. The vacuum capacity of a Vacmobile-based plant is easily added to or reduced - Supplied by Limited Website: 8 Titan Place, PO Box 78, Silverdale 0944, Auckland, New Zealand

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Mobile vacuum system with integral resin trap A small machine with impressive performance - single machines have successfully resin infused vacuum bags as Primary uses Composite manufacturing processes such as resin infusion and vacuum bagging. The Vacmobile 20/2 is also an ideal vacuum source for most vacuum clamping and lifting duties. Special features The Infusion 20/2 system is complete with an integral resin trap and provides excellent performance from a compact package. All vacuum joints are very heavy duty to ensure vacuum integrity over a long working life. The machine's normal...

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Better vacuum systems for better composites For Light RTM molding, resin infusion and general vacuum bagging Primary uses Vacuum pump Vacuum level Vacuum ports Power supply This dual purpose machine is primarily intended for plants making a mix of small Light RTAA parts and virtually any size range of infused parts. With the Dual-Vac accessory fitted, the machine will provide 2 independently controlled vacuum levels - a high vacuum for the clamping flange and a moderate vacuum for the mold region. With the accessory removed, the machine will provide the single vacuum level capabilities of...

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Better vacuum systems for better composites Primary uses Special features Weight (empty) Vessel volume Resin capacity Resin line ports Vacmobile™ RT19 enhanced resin trap & @ 76 mm (3") replaceable glass view port @ Vacuum tight O-ring sealed tubing glands @ Vacuum regulation valve ($) Quick release lid clamps @ Auxiliary gauge port @ Rugged vacuum connection block ® Vacuum pump isolation valve @ 19 litre (5 US gallon) vacuum reservoir 11 litre (2.9 US gallon) polyethylene bucket or 12 litre (3.1 US gallon) cardboard catchpot To collect excess resin from composite manufacturing processes,...

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Absolute pressure gauges and leak detectors Quality instruments for composites professionals Better vacuum systems for better composites Absolute pressure gauges (precision digital gauges) For vacuum measurement independent of altitude and weather conditions and faster leak testing (drop testing). Range mbar: Oto 1300 mbar absolute Connection: 6 mm external, 4 mm internal tubing Display: Min, max, hold, tare, sea level-altitude Units, GDH200: mbar only Units, GAAH3161: mbar, bar, Pa, kPa, AAPa, mm Hg, PSI Power: 9V battery included, additional power Automatic-off: programmable 1 to 120...

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Better vacuum systems for better composites Vacmobile™ accessories for composites professionals Vacuum manifolds - versatile, with rugged,leak tight connections The Vacmobile multi-port manifold may be mounted direct to a pump, to a work bench or wall (with optional bracket). Through- wall connection possible. Complete with an internal coarse screen. Available with a range of accessories, such as a vacuum regulation valve, isolation valves, vacuum indicator gauge, absolute gauge port, O-ring sealed tubing glands and hose-tails. Boost existing vacuum system performance with a Vacmobile...

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