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Absolute pressure gauge Ultrasonic leak detector Vacmobile Instruments Two useful instruments for improving quality and productivity when using vacuum processes in composites are an absolute pressure gauge and an ultrasonic leak detector. Absolute pressure gauges are precision pressure gauges which use the absolute zero of pressure as their reference datum. Unlike conventional vacuum gauges, absolute pressure gauges are not affected by changes in atmospheric pressure caused by either changing weather conditions or changes in altitude. They are useful for identifying problems caused by water vapour and other solvent vapours and allow faster pressure drop testing because of their greater precision compared with a conventional dial type vacuum gauge. They may also be used for checking the ultimate vacuum performance of vacuum pumps. Ultrasonic leak detectors enable small vacuum leaks inaudible to the human ear to be detected and physically located. Using a leak detector will considerably speed up the location and repair of vacuum bag leaks. Absolute pressure gauge Model GDH 200-14 SA833 Measuring ranges (Absolute pressures) 0-11,000 mbar. Resolve to 1 mbar 0-11 bar. Resolve to 0.001 bar 0-8,250 mm Hg. Resolve to 1 mm 0-160 psi. Resolve to 0.02 psi Max pressure 13 bar absolute Accuracy +3 mbar at 25 C (77 F) 0 +0.3% of full scale within +25 C temperature variation. Connection To suit 4 mm (5/32”) ID tube. Power supply 9 V DC battery (included) Auto power off 0 0 Supplied with padded case and a length of tube and adaptor to suit 8 mm (5/16”) Vacmobile test sockets. Ultrasonic leak detector Model VPE Sensitivity -80dB/volt/microbar Frequency response 38 to 42 kHz Audio output 0 to 4 kHz (via headset) Display 10 element bar graph Power supply 9 V DC battery (included) Auto power off Supplied with padded protective case, headset and vibration probe B11347A Instruments P1 of 1 16 David McCathie Place, PO Box 78, Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand Email: Website: Tel: +64 9 426 4095 Fax: + 64 9 426 1902

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