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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 1

BETTER VACUUM SYSTEMS FOR BETTER COMPOSITES Vacuum systems for tough times time for expensive bells and whistles, our recent focus has Composites industry super sucker! Vacmobile SVM series coming soon. FEDEX makes the world 3 than ever Pump service reminder 6 Absolute pressure RT19 modular resin trap 8 been on developing simple and reliable vacuum systems which deliver high quality ites applications with- and made even easier resin trap, we will be able to offer an unsurpassed range of heavy duty vacuum equipment which will meet virtually any vacuum need in composites without having to buy more than is required resin trap. See page 8 rectly guess what the initials pressure gauge - a very use- about vacuum. Entries Email your entries Better training for better quality and more profitable composites When seen on U-Tube, the infusion of small flat panels using a converted refrigera- shielded glass jar for a resin trap looks deceptively sim- real world of commercial composites, the process isn't that simple and many details must be correctly imple- be stripped from a void-free part, with minimal resin wastage, no rework and defi- nitely without injuries from imploding resin traps! Get- ting the details right either takes experience or training usually benefit from being posites industry. With the ites, we asked Chris Rose of Island Composites to present his views on training. Chris composite processes to large scale manufacturing facili-

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 2

Better training for better quality and more profitable composites By Chris Rose, Island Composites For over 25 years I have worked within the compos- ites industry globally. For the past 10 years I have spe- cialised in technology trans- fers for companies such as GE Wind Energy and deliv- ered training programs for turbine blades. Over the past 5 years the wind industry has grown considerably. Train- ing has been a critical part of as blade manufacturers have regions where the compos- ites industry has not existed previously. Large buildings taking up quarter mile blocks through Iowa and...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 3

tomers around the world sure what the connection is, but we assume they find their 20/2 a useful little fel- in use in more than 30 coun- tries. Since we didn't begin gratified with the rapid ac- vacuum systems for compos- ites. Applications have been as diverse as radio controlled model hawks (for scaring birds from airports), to large wind turbine blades, Ameri- cas cup race winning yachts and high performance naval patrol craft. Consistently positive feedback from users confirms that the Vacmobile tough little workhorse, deliv- ering great vacuum up to 7 days per week in composite shops...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 4

( Continued from page 3) Vacmobiles 20/2—better than ever resin trap tively small at 2 litres peace of mind when infuse larger parts. In conjunction with valves or clamps in the vacuum lines to the resin trap, it is now possible to see the resin level and empty the catchpot if need be during the course of an infusion, with minimal disruption to the process if the valves/clamps are correctly sequenced. An O-ring sealed connection between the main control manifold and the resin trap O-ring sealed resin trap hose connec- more reliably viously used. It is a modified -ring sealed gland and it...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 5

( Continued from page 4) for large scale infusions and will offer a maximum pump single phase 50 Hz power, or each resin trap can be indi- twin pump/twin resin trap machine will therefore also be ideal for large scale RTM Light applications. Please refer to illustrations on page module combinations. No-mess, quick to use O-ring sealed demountable vacuum Easy to reconfigure. All modules lock into place without tools Tough, solid block control manifolds ensure vacuum integrity over a long working life Easy to service - pumps un-latch Resin traps and vacuum controls can be remote located if...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 6

Database for surplus Vacmobile 20/2 ( Continued from page 5) 1 pump and 1 resin trap 2 pumps and 1 resin trap resin traps From time to time, we get asked by training schools have any used machines available at a reduced price. Rather than get involved in the used machinery market we would prefer to facilitate the sale of used Vacmobiles spective buyers to customers As with human beings, all oil sealed rotary vane vac- uum pumps respond well to a bit of love and care from time to time and we recom- mend the following service program. Pump service shouldn't take much time formed every 500...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 7

Vacman's tip of the month. What is absolute pressure? More and more composites an absolute pressure gauge in their tool kit. Although often called a precision vac- gauge actually works the dial type vacuum gauge measures the pressure differ- ence below the atmospheric gauge. In contrast, an abso- lute pressure gauge measures the actual pressure above the absolute zero of pressure. Using the absolute zero of pressure as a reference leads to far more accurate readings at the vacuum levels of inter- est for high quality infusion This is because the absolute zero of pressure is a fixed point of...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 8

proven to be a very effective resin trap. The 12 litre (3.1 US gallon) disposable catch- pot makes cleaning easy, while the clear glass (not provides peace of mind when infusing. The O-ring sealed vacuum connections on the trap lid provide quick and reliable vacuum seals (without need for mastic!) regulation valve and vacuum gauge allow complete vac- uum control at the resin trap. Inevitably, all these features come with a cost that is not always warranted. In future resin trap from a wider range of component options, start- ing with a basic steel lidded resin trap with an O-ring sealed...

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Composites Newsletter No.12 - 9

( Continued from page 6 ) Pump Service Reminder For Becker pump use 8 mm (5/16") Allen Wrench. To loosen, hit down sharply, as shown To loosen the plug, give the extension pipe on the Allen wrench, as excessive torque bration isolators. move the temporary block from under the handle end of place the drain plug. For the pump models fitted to the pump with 0.5 litre (1 US Tighten the oil filler plug. More extensive service A more extensive service following applies: • Machine running time switch turns the pump off check that electrical sup- power cord in good con- sively long) The more...

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