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SWING VA-Swing brings additional comfort to boating. The excellent design of the thigh and back supports keeps the driving position stable, and comfort is increased by a softer, more luxurious seat cushion. VA-Swing is designed so that both sitting down and getting up to leave are easy and quick. FINNISH QUALITY Design and production of VA-Swing is Finnish quality work. Hybrid structure ensures maximum durability in heavy use.

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VA-Swing - 2

The seat's thigh and back support can be rapidly adjusted without hand screws or levers. The front edge of the seat can be raised to the upper position, which provides support for standing while driving. It is also possible to sit on top of the front edge if needed. The backrest is easily turnable to the front and back, allowing the seating direction to change according to requirement. Also available in double width. Check different versions and color variations from our website: Siikaranta 14, PL 1537 | 70621 Kuopio | Tel. +358 17 265 9500 |

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