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VA | PRO The VA-Pro seat is designed for safe and pleasant boating. The adjustable backrest and front edge of the seat can be easily locked into one of the four positions to attain an ergonomic and safe driving position. Featuring a patented quick-adjustment mechanism, the seat is effortlessly adjusted to individual preferences and needs. The superior design of the seat provides good side support and helps to maintain a stable steering position, even in rough weather. The adjustable seat portion can be conveniently folded up for a steady driving position, also when driving standing up is preferred.

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VA-Pro - 2

The seat base is injection-moulded from durable highimpact plastic, and secured to a strong aluminium frame. This hybrid structure ensures maximum durability in heavy use. V A-Boat seats are high-quality Finnish products. Take a look at the seasonal colours on our website: Siikaranta 14, PL 1537 | 70621 Kuopio | Tel. +358 17 265 9500 |

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