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VA | M I N I VA-Mini is designed for comfortable and sporty boating. Thanks to its compact size, VA-Mini is suitable for most boat models. THE STYLISH SEAT WILL GIVE YOUR BOAT A NEW LOOK The front part of the seat can be raised, which is handy when steering standing up. You can also sit on the front part of the seat when it has been raised. Good design provides support also from the sides and helps you keep steady steering posture also in rougher weather.

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VA-Mini - 2

FINNISH QUALITY The design and manufacture of V A-Mini is Finnish high-quality work. The frame of the seat has been manufactured by injection moulding from hard HDPE plastic and aluminium parts. VA-Mini can be produced in the materials and colours of your choice. Siikaranta 14, PL 1537 | 70621 Kuopio | Tel. +358 17 265 9500 |

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