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Is it Possible to Save the Oceans From Ecological Breakdown While Saving Uson Dry waste system Tighter environmental regulations, additional class notations and environmental standards such as ISO challenges we are facing today. Although IMO Marpol 73/78 covers a wide range of environmental aspects, several international standards go far beyond it. As the public awareness about the environment is constantly growing, the value of environmental performance as a competitive advantage has increased. Rig/vessel design and onboard waste handling are of great importance in an environmental management system. GENERAL PHILOSOPHY - WASTE When Uson Marine was founded back ocean and terms like waste segregation and recycling were not frequently used. Some forward-thinking operators chose to install a compactor and the green waste management system was introduced. Today its known that a waste management system is much more than a compactor and pollution of the marine environment can have both economic and biological impacts. Various types of waste will be generated during operation and to be able to implement a waste handling system it is necessary to identify the different types of waste. Waste onboard an offshore installation is categorized into 'production waste' and 'accommodation waste'. A waste management system can be divided into six different phases: management system. It not only clearly defines the standard and objectives to which to operate, it also ensures compliance with mandatory regulations, continuous improvement of performance and shows awareness of the need to protect the There are several measures to prevent waste from being generated and also increase the recycling of waste. Waste handling stations for sorting different waste fractions shall be strategically located. The different waste fractions are delivered to an indoor garbage handling room for processing. Compactors, shredders and crushers reduce the volume of the waste which in turn reduced the storage space required. Food waste is treated in a separate food waste handling system and non- recyclable waste, i.e. food contaminated waste, could be incinerated in a shipboard Garbage should be stored in a manner which avoids health and safety hazards. Food waste and food contaminated waste shall be kept separate from the other Recycling is the preferred option to disposal as recycled waste is a valuable resource. All disposal of waste at sea is regulated by IMO regulations and local regulations. Recycling does not include incineration without energy recovery and land filling. Diligent audits and continual training increases environmental awareness onboard which demonstrates that the environmental management system is operating effectively and in conformity with legal requirements. OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL

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Uson Food waste handling system FOOD WASTE Food waste is a difficult waste as it is heavy and quickly starts growing bacteria. By treating this fraction where it is produced minimum transport and work for the crew can be achieved as well as proper hygiene in the galley. The general philosophy is to collect and grind the food waste where it is produced, in the galley. Historically a simple small disposer from a galley supplier has been installed under the sink, but where is the ground food discharged? There are five basic alternatives: 1: A pipe straight overboard This means of disposal is...

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effective waste monogement demonstrates environmental responsibility food waste systems vacuum transport dry solid waste systems compactors /shredders /crushers with marine ft offshore Uson Marine isa leading provider of waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry. By using our wide knowledge and experience we assist our clients in complying with current and future regulations, whilst at the same time improving their environmental image and reducing their cost for handling of ship-generated waste.

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