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Uson Grease Separator Controls your grease, fat and cooking oil High separation efficiency at sea (99.0%) Treated water to GW or sewage treatment plant High capacity of peak flows Semi-automatic operation No heating, steaming or chemicals for separation “No touch or smell” solution No sedimentation Few moving parts Automatic grease level alarm Easy to install and maintain, safe to use User-friendly The Uson Grease Separator with its round shape is specially designed for marine and offshore applications and, unlike many other grease traps, has proven 99.0% separation efficiency. Accessories: - Grease discharge pump - Outlet booster pump All galley grey water from the scuppers and sinks, containing grease, fat or oil, should pass a grease separator before it is discharged to the grey water tank. From January 2013 all discharges of cooking oil are prohibited. An effective way of avoiding potential discharge is to let grey water pass a grease separator before entering grey water tank or sewage treatment plant. According to for example DNV Clean Design, “drain from galley shall be fitted with a grease trap, connected to the sludge tank”. The grease separators are semi-automatically controlled which means that the draining of separated water is done automatically through gravitation. The complete discharge and cleaning process is performed manually by pushing buttons. The grease/fat/oil is collected in the grease holding tank. The grease separator is equipped with an automatic grease level alarm that alerts when it is time to drain the separator of cooking oil. On the top of the inside there is a spray nozzle in stainless steel for internal cleaning with hot water during draining. A mixer is installed to crush the accumulated fat cake before draining. The bottom is shaped to eliminate sedimentation. About Uson Marine Uson Marine has been a leading provider of sustainable waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry since 1983. We help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations and thus improve their environmental profile. This, in turn, contributes to securing and increasing their long-term revenue. We have the solutions, know-how and experience to help our customers minimize the cost and labour of waste handling onboard their rig or vessel, and ensure that they comply with the relevant rules and regulations. We support our customers at every stage, including: surveys, design, installation, commissioning and training of the crew. Uson Marine is certified for ISO 9001 & 14001 by DNV and certified in Achilles Joint Qualification System ( All specifications are subject to cha

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Technical data: Dimensions *) Dimensioning is made for peak flow rates in litre/s. Voltage, Rating, Rated current M-1/2/4    3 x 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.37/0.44 kW Fuse Cable IP Class Material Electrical syst. 10 A (delayed) 4 x 2,5 mm2 54 GRP (Glass-reinforced plastic) or Stainless steel ASIS 316L IEC 60092 compliant Suitable waste types: General waste Soft plastic Hard plastic Metal tins & cans Glass Cardboard Wood Paper Chemical sacks Related products: OWMS Food Waste System Food Shredder Dewatering Unit Refrigerated Compactor Bale Storage All specifications are subject to...

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