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TDS - UDWL - 2012_0

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Uson Dangerous Waste Locker UDWL Safe handling of dangerous waste Features Designed for marine and offshore environments Self-closing doors in case of fire No electricity needed Fire proof Fits a standard pallet Approved to withstand fire for 90 minutes The UDWL is for collecting dangerous waste and for protection in case of fire. Collection Storage There is no special requirement for extra firefighting equipment to protect this unit, apart from the ones that are defined by the local regulations and rules for similar types of machinery. The UDWL is equipped with self-closing/self-locking doors in case of fire. The cabinet includes fire proof insulation material and will withstand fire for 90 minutes and has approval according to EN-14470-1. Included: - Plastic boxes for small waste types such as batteries, etc - Large shelves for chemical bottles, petrol cans, etc - Full height compartment for fluorescent lamps About Uson Marine Uson Marine has been a leading provider of sustainable waste management systems for the maritime and offshore industry since 1983. We help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their operations and thus improve their environmental profile. This, in turn, contributes to securing and increasing their long-term revenue. We have the solutions, know-how and experience to help our customers minimize the cost and labour of waste handling onboard their rig or vessel, and ensure that they comply with the relevant rules and regulations. We support our customers at every stage, including: surveys, design, installation, commissioning and training of the crew. Uson Marine is certified for ISO 9001 & 14001 by DNV and certified in Achilles Joint Qualification System ( All specifications are subject to change without notice. 03/2012

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Uson Dangerous Waste Locker Technical data: Service height Voltage, Rating, Rated current PROTECTIVE EARTH CLAHP Self-closing door mechanism: All specifications are subject to change without notice. Suitable waste types: Food waste Galley grey water Food contaminated Hazardous waste General waste Soft plastic Hard plastic Metal tins & cans Chemical sacks

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