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TDS - OWMS - 2012 Rev 2_0

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Uson One-Way Macerator System F ood shredder Local macerator OWMS Controls your food waste Features Holding tank Combination of disposer and vacuum system The first system of its kind on the market Small pipe diameter and flexible pipe routing Minimum risk of blockage Low energy and water consumption “No touch or smell” solution No chemicals used Few moving parts Easy to install and user-friendly operation Bridge control and level monitoring Heavy duty food waste shredder The Uson One-Way Macerator system is designed for hygienic collection and treatment of food waste in compliance with IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, US Coast Guard and other relevant regulations and standards. Collection Processing Storing A ccessories: - LM U Local M acerator U nit - U M S -F ood F ood shredder - U D -100 Dew atering unit - M agnetic cutlery trap for LM U - E xtra discharge/v acuum pump Food waste is ground by local macerator(s) and a heavy duty shredder in the galley and transported by vacuum to a special holding tank, which is designed for food waste. This makes it possible to run the system when the vessel is operating within an area where discharge is prohibited. The system is equipped with bridge control, level monitoring as well as full/half flush. The system safely handles food wast e and is easy to install, with low water consumption, small pipe diameter and flexible pipe routing. As it is suitable for retrofitting onboard existing vessels or new builds, the macerator is guaranteed to avoid any blockage of food waste in the piping system. Food waste is not defined as “sewage” and should not be mixed with either black water or grey water. Food discharged to a sewage treatment plant will contribute to increased levels of BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), TSS (Total Suspended Solids), grease and oil, etc. A system includes one or several Local Macerator Units (LMU) placed in galley areas. Each LMU is equipped with a hopper with a removable lid for easy cleaning. The LMU can be integrated in a bench or installed as a stand-alone unit. Each LMU has its own control system for control of operation and water consumption. A high capacity food shredder will shred all bones, fibres, fish skins, etc. A bout Uson M ar ine U son M arine has been a leading prov ider of sustainable w aste management sy stems for the maritime and offshore industry since 1983. We help our customers reduce the env ironmental impact of their operations and thus improv e their env ironmental profile. This, in turn, contributes to securing and increasing their long-term rev enue. We hav e the solutions, know -how and experience to help our customers minimize the cost and labour of w aste handling onboard their rig or v essel, and ensure that they comply w ith the relev ant rules and regulations. We support our customers at ev ery stage, including: surv ey s, design, installation, commissioning and training of the crew . U son M arine is certified for IS O 9001 & 14001 by DN V and certified in A chilles Joint Q ualification S y stem (w w A ll specifications are subject to change w ithout notice. 08/2012

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Uson One-Way Macerator System Technical data: Local Macerator Unit: Service area Fuse (OWMS) Cable (OWMS) Voltage, Rating pump + mixer, Rated current Stainless steel ASIS 316 Stainless steel ASIS 316 Electrical syst. IEC 60092 compliant Not part of Uson supply Uson recommends Bliicher piping Suitable waste types: Food waste Galley grey water Food contaminated Hazardous waste General waste Soft plastic Hard plastic Metal tins & cans Chemical sacks Related products: Bale Storage All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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