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VOYAGER SERIES PREMIER UPWIND CRUISING SAILS BY ULLMAN SAILS The Voyager series offers premier paneled cruising sails for big boat and performance cruisers. These sails use the latest in sail cloth technology combined with proven construction methods to bring you a superior, reliable cruising product. CLOTH SELECTION Voyager paneled sails use premium high-tech laminates, selected for their low stretch and durability. These laminates hold their optimal sail shape over a wider range of conditions and keep your sails performing longer. CARBON LAMINATE WITH TAFFETA This high performance, durable cloth was developed from state-of-the-art Grand Prix race cloth. The Voyager series uses a Carbon laminate base covered with woven taffeta, making it an ideal choice for performance cruising. The laminate is made with large, wide Carbon yarns that can flex repeatedly without breaking. In addition, Carbon has great U.V. resistance combined with low stretch - two properties that add performance and durability to cruising sails. DYNEEMA® LAMINATES WITH TAFFETA This composite laminate was developed to create a low stretch, highly durable furling sail. Dyneema fibers are strong and extremely low stretch with excellent U.V. resistance second only to Carbon - all desirable characteristics for a high performance, durable cruising sails. Sails built with Dyneema also retain strength even when folding or roller reefing. HYDRA NET® RADIAL Designed specifically for tri-radial panel construction, this cloth combines the proven durability of a woven polyester base with a ripstop weave of Spectra/Dyneema. The resulting fabric has a higher tear strength, which enhances the durability and life of the sail compared to generic polyester woven materials. The woven cloth construction also allows for a breathable platform that minimizes the chance for mildew growth. Email: Find us on Facebook: ullmansails

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Voyager paneled sails are built using a tri-radial panel construction method that is proven to make the sails stronger and more durable. Mainsails are built with additional reinforcements around reef points, allowing sails to be reefed for extended periods without damaging the sail. Genoas are also designed to be roller reefed, reinforced at the high-load areas to prevent sail distortion and damage while roller reefing for long periods of time. SAIL HANDLING &. • Furling Systems & Installation Spinnaker Sleeve, Tacker, Gale Sail • UUman Sails U-Stack • Custom Lazy-Jacks DESIGN & PERFORMANCE...

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