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FIBERPATH™ CRUISE ENDURO CUSTOM MEMBRANE SAILS BY ULLMAN SAILS ULLMAN SAILS. This is the ultimate cruising product for the performance-minded offshore cruiser. Designed and built like a racing sail, FiberPath Cruise Enduro offers the performance of a membrane sail with a rugged Taffeta exterior for extended durability. Double Taffeta FIBER CHOICE FiberPath Cruise Enduro is built rugged for offshore sailing, but is still ideal for performance day sailing. The load path mapping in FiberPath directly addresses the loads of your sail, translating into a strong, low-stretch sail that performs in a wide range of wind conditions. The custom fiber layout also makes the Cruise Enduro series available for pocket cruisers up to super yachts. TECHNORA & TAFFETA Like FiberPath racing sails, the FiberPath Cruise Enduro series is built with Technora fiber for its low stretch, fatigue resistance, and UV properties. Technora is more durable and less prone to UV damage than Kevlar, making it the ideal choice for all FiberPath sails. FiberPath Cruise Enduro sails also are reinforced with durable woven Taffeta that essentially "sandwiches" the laminate, protecting the sail from the elements and prolonging sail shape. Email: Find us on Facebook: ullmansails

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ULLMAN SAILS DESIGN & PERFORMANCE Every FiberPath Cruise Enduro sail is designed for optimal performance and efficiency, making your sails easier to trim and your boat easier to helm. By keeping the boat flatter and reducing the need to reef, cruising is safer and more enjoyable for you, your family and friends. SUPERIOR LAMINATION All FiberPath sails undergo a high pressure, high heat, double-sided lamination process that results in a stronger, more durable laminate than other membrane sails on the market. The Technora fibers are also pretreated before lamination to ensure the best bond...

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