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Ullman-Sails-Endurance-Cruising-Series - 1

ENDURANCE SERIES BLUEWATER & PASSAGE MAKING SAILS BY ULLMAN SAILS Endurance sails are our most durable product, specifically designed for offshore and passage-making cruisers. Each sail is constructed and reinforced to withstand the rigorous demands of long-distance sailing and prolonged exposure to the elements. The Endurance series is the strong, dependable option for the bluewater cruising sailor. CLOTH SELECTION & PERFORMANCE Endurance sails are available in either woven Dacron or taffeta-coated cruise laminates. Ullman Sails will work with you to choose the appropriate sail cloth to match your cruising goals and budget. WOVEN DACRON Like the Navigator series, Endurance sails come standard in high quality Dacron, making them the most durable option available when considering the ultimate life of a sail. Dacron withstands exposure to the elements and high-wind flogging better than laminates, which makes it an excellent choice for sail longevity. TAFFETA-COATED CRUISE LAMINATES Reinforced with woven taffeta for durability, cruise laminates are an ideal cloth choice for the performance-minded cruiser who also wants extended sail life. Cruise laminates have less stretch and better load alignment than Dacron, which means the sail holds its designed shape longer. DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Every Endurance sail is custom-designed by the Ullman Sails Design Team to make you boat easier to sail and handle as conditions change. Mainsails have additional reinforcement in high-load areas so you can keep your sails reefed over extended periods of time without damaging the sail. Genoas are also designed to be roller reefed with extra reinforcement at the head and tack to prevent sail distortion and prolong sail Email: Find us on Facebook: ullmansails

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Ullman-Sails-Endurance-Cruising-Series - 2

The standard finishing of Endurance sails are an upgraded version of the Ullman Sails Navigator cruising sail. These construction upgrades make the sail stronger, which increases durability and adds more miles and years to your sailing enjoyment. • Multiple Rows of Triple-Step Stitching on Every • Over-Sized Patching at All Corners and Reefs • U.V.-Resistant Thread for All Stitching (seam coating is available) • Double Leech Tapes • Additional Reinforcements at Each Slide • Flutter Patches at Leech of Every Seam • Heavier, Stronger Slides at Battens and Reef Points • Stainless Steel Rings...

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