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GP Race Series - 1

CUSTOM GRAND PRIX RACING SAILS BY ULLMAN SAILS Our premier racing product is designed specifically to the highest standards for grand prix competition. Ullman GP Race sails are built to be lightweight and strong, giving you superior performance and speed CLOTH SELECTION Ullman GP Race paneled sails are built using a Carbon laminate, the premier racing cloth on the market. Carbon laminate is built with large, wide Carbon yarns that flex repeatedly without breaking. Carbon has the lowest stretch of any fiber used in sailmaking today, resulting in strong, lightweight sails that hold their designed shape throughout the wind range. Ullman GP Race sails are also built using a tri-radial panel layout, adding more strength and performance to the life of your sail. PERFORMANCE & TRIM Ullman GP Race sails are built to maximize your performance on the racecourse. Every sail is easy to adjust and control as wind strength and sea conditions change, allowing you to keep the boat balanced Ullman Sails

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GP Race Series - 2

ADVANCED DESIGN The Ullman Sails Design Team, headed by Ullman Sails President and four-time World Champion Dave Ullman, works on a range of projects from successful Olympic campaigns and competitive one design classes to Grand Prix racing programs and the America's Cup. Our design program is based on our longstanding success in one design development. Combining 3-D software, computer analytics and two- boat testing, we optimize sail shape and translate what we learn into larger sail design. The outcome is fast, efficient sail shape that produces top results on racecourses worldwide...

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