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Flying Scot Sail Trim


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RACING GUIDES Flying Scot Sail Trim Chart Wind Strength in Knots: Mainsail Luff Tension Mainsheet Tension Outhaul Upwind Vang Tension Jib Luff Tension Jib Leads Windward Sheet Jib Sheet Tension (top batten position) 0-4 5-10 11-16 17+ 12” wrinkles 6” wrinkles No wrinkles Tight Top Batten parallel with center of boat Top batten parallel with boom Top batten opens 5-10 degrees Top batten open 10+ degrees 3-4” 2-3” 1” Tight Loose Loose Medium Max tight Wrinkles Wrinkles Smooth Smooth Back Forward Middle Back Slightly on Middle of seat Slightly on Off Parallel to center of boat or slightly open Parallel or slightly hooked Parallel to slightly open Open enough to keep boat moving and flat

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