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Fib e r Pa t h ™ Pha ntom A n E xc lu s i v e S e r i e s B y U l l m a n S a i l s C o n s ta n t I n n ovat i o n At Ullman Sails we will not be satisfied until we provide the best sailing experience possible. The Phantom Series, an Ullman Sails exclusive, is our latest innovation with a set of features that no other sailmaker offers. From the softer, smoother feel and non-reflective matte sail to the added UV protection and stylish look, the Phantom Series is exactly what you’ve been looking for. A Better Sail Smoother, Flexible Finish The finish on a Phantom sail is softer than normal film sails. As a result the sail will hold fewer hard creases, providing more stable flow over the sail. Phantom Series also has less shrinkage due to less crease retention meaning your performance shape holds longer than other laminate sails. The added smoothness facilitates genoas flowing around the mast and shrouds, reducing the risk of tearing the sail. UV Protection Phantom Series sails include UV inhibitors developed by fabric manufacturer DimensionPolyant that protects the sail’s fibers from harmful UV rays. This added durability means your sails will last longer, no matter how much the sun shines on it. Trimming Experience Enhanced Non-reflective matte sails means you will see less glare off the sail, which could make all the difference. From fine tuning the draft to simply checking the tell tales, Phantom Series sails make it easier to keep your eye on the sail so that after sailing you can come in without a headache. Ullman Sails

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The Phantom Series is part of the FiberPath line, also exclusive to Ullman Sails. The Phantom Series uses a custom fiber layout to match the loads your sail will take and distribute them to ensure the sail performs optimally and holds its shape through a range of conditions. For its weight, the FiberPath series is the strongest sail around. C loth S election The Phantom Series is a premium product and we will work with you to select the materials that best fit your sailing goals, from lightweight performance to extra durable, powerful sails and everything in between. For racers we have...

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