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ENDURANCE SERIES SAILS BLUEWATER AND PASSAGE-MAKING SAILS BY ULLMAN Endurance Series sails are among our most durable products, specifically designed for offshore and passagemaking cruising. The sails, which offer exceptional longevity and durability, utilize brand-name cloth and are built with multiple rows of triple-step stitching on each seam. Endurance Series sails are the safest option for bluewater cruising, offering balanced performance with an emphasis on reliability, simplified sail handling, and minimized likelihood of sail failure over the entire life of the sail. Cloth Selection and Performance Endurance Series sails are available in a variety of Dacrons and taffeta-coated cruise laminates. Ullman Sails will work with you to select the most appropriate material and construction to match your cruising goals and budget. • Woven Dacrons: High-quality, high-modulus Dacron is standard in the Endurance Series. Dacron withstands exposure to the elements and high-wind flogging better than any other sail material, providing the greatest longevity of any sail. Available in cross-cut or radial constructions. • Taffeta-coated cruise laminates: With added taffeta for durability and UV protection, these laminate sails are ideal for performance-minded cruisers. Cruise laminates have low stretch and superior load management allowing the sails to hold their intended shape even longer when compared to Dacron. Available in cross-cut, radial and Tri-Axis constructions.

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Gore® Tenara® Thread Endurance and Voyager Series sails can be upgraded to use Gore® Tenara® thread throughout the entire sail. Gore® Tenara® thread is hydrophobic and completely unaffected by UV degradation, salt water, extreme weather, chemicals, acid rain and more. Considering the importance of stitching, Ullman Sails strongly endorses using Gore® to hold your sail together. Strength in the Details The finishing details of Endurance Series sails are upgraded from the Ullman Sails Navigator Series. These construction enhancements make the sail stronger; and add more miles and years to the...

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