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Capri 22 Sail Trim


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RACING GUIDES Capri 22 Sail Trim Guide Wind Strength in Knots: 0-6 6-10 11-15 15-20 20+ Uppers: 25 28 30 32 32 Lowers: 3 5 8 8 8 None None Take out wrinkles Take out wrinkles On hard 2.5” 1.5” Tight – At Band Tight – At Band Tight – At Band Parallel to Boom Parallel to Boom Open 5 Degrees Open 10 Degrees Open 10 Degrees Upwind Vang Tension None None Snug Bend boom ¾” Bend boom ¾” Downwind Vang Tension None Snug Snug Main twist 5 degrees Main twist 5 degrees Upwind Boom Position Centerline Centerline Centerline to 6” down All the way down Vang Sheet Downwind Boom Position 45 degrees Touching shroud Touching shroud Touching shroud Touching shroud +8” +4” Center -1’ -3 Touching lifelines Touching shrouds Touching shrouds 6” 6” 1’ Shroud Tensions (Full Turns) Mainsail Cunningham Outhaul (inches from band) Top Batten Angle Traveler (distance below centerline) Genoa Foot from Shroud Genoa Leech from Spreader Jib Leech in from Spreader Tip 2” Outside spreader tip 4” outside spreader tip Jib Trim: Jib Block to Jib Clew 15” 16” Jib Lead Position Center of track Center of Track Back 2 holes from center Jib Luff Tension Smooth Smooth Smooth Headsail Choice Spinnaker Jibe Type Genoa Genoa Jib Jib Jib End for End End for End End for End End for End End for End

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